Sunday, August 11, 2013

emotional attack

Ever since after my interview, not to admit im in worried every single day.
To go into a completely strange environment some more which is so not my PLACE and im not comfortable with it.
I dont have a single clue on those thing.
It seems to be easy but im start to worried.
And all those freaking things make me emotional.
There seems like a rock place in my heart.
I feel so heavy.
Maybe this is just a normal feeling to face the new things and environment but at this moment i feel like crying.
This is the first Wh question i always asked myself.

Why is it so hard to step out.
Why is it so hard to adapt
Why must i do this and that
Why , why , why

I hate these kind of question comes into my mind whenever it happened to me.
It seems like im such a loser in my life.
I've told myself to be strong.
But always sometimes there is so much situation u need to face.
Not everybody seems to be so happy-go-lucky type and also not everybody are those who are easy going with.

Dear God, Pls give me strength to overcome this. Please.