Sunday, November 30, 2008

FINALLY!!! !!!

OMFG!!!its like finally i end my exam..
on fri(da day b4 exam),phei yi n i went 2 skul at 12.30noon for preparein sum exam stuff like those bread method-SPONGE n DOUGH..after we done our thing,is ad 11pm..i feel my leg like broken ad coz i stand for 10 over hrs n walkin here n there,up n down for those ingredients..
on da exam da-sat,phei yi,jet n i reach skul at 5am..yeah tats right,tat mean i wake up at 4am,but honestly,i cant sleep coz im too GAN CHEONG for da exan eventho i force myself 2 sleep but,FAILED..i din satisfied my product at all,so i jus help other ppl..everyone who nit help jus call me,then im jus helpin around..11am,we put our product outside da cafe for those customer try..altho is tryin but da day is jus end v fun happy n great..coz we makin traffic jam oso..wahahaha..coz we giv 2 those who pass by..*wink*da day givin out our product end bout 4pm then we start our 2nd product for sun..n bek abit earlier today-8pm..
then i finally hav a okok sleep tat nite,after i wash my uniform n i cant even dry my hair n i jus fell asleep like,again wake up at 4am,then phei yi,jet,chin,dan n ming kuen took our super earl breakfast at da opposite mamak..n we saw so many mice runin here n there,is like Ratautoille if im not mistaken da spellin..
im makin Mini Black Forest 2day,it cum out nice n easy 2 decoration+i charge half of my battery ad so i full v product finished 2day n da exam end at 4pm oso,so we all finally can hav our good sweet dream ad..haha..
a really Good experience n oppotunity given by my teacher-Liz..i learn alot..n i love all my frens there coz we r so so so unite n we help each other n solve da problems 2gether..

Love u GUYS..muacksss
cant take pic while exam+no time so jus show sum after exam pic for u guys..
full course cookies
phei yi vegetarian pie jet marble butter cake fruit flan by karen jet fruity pie chin healthy wholewheat bread ming kuen zig zag swiss roll my simple deco for Black Forest..not nice but taste good o..(im sux in deco la) "captain Coffee" tuna pie dan banana chiffon phei yi simple n nice deco norvie group Brioche
no idea-full course student make it.. our product(tis is jus a small part) full course creativity..strawberry>snowman n my black forest jus left onli 1..woohoo!!damn happy la~ sachertorte by chin group tats all da pic i hav right now,will try upload more whole body is achin n my leg like broken ad,nit sum rest right now..stay tunes n bye!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

thx n sorry

first of all i would like 2 say like a million sorry 2 my grandmom,my bro,uncle,yuki n wen bcoz i let u guys worry bout me bcoz i forget 2 inform my grandmom i will bek late 2nite..early in da mornin i went 2 phei yi place for sum practice then after everything done we straight away headed 2 Sugarcraft for our exam meeting..n i bek at 10++pm..bcoz of da meeting,i switch my phone into silent mode then my grandma n bro call me so i din notice they call me..everyone was so worry bout me n tat make me feel so touchin..thx everyone!n really very very da SORRY!!

p/s:exam exam exam!!anyone can giv me sum idea for da decoration of da MEXICAN BUN pls!!!! T_T

sumthing gonna share v u guys

dl La Lingerie ages ago but no time 2 watch..jus watch tis movie,its freakin funny..for who not yet watch pls get ur finger up n dl da movie really damn worth watchin..enjoy~~

Monday, November 24, 2008

tarts n cakes~

learn chocolate fudge,chocolate mousse n banana chocolate mousse on sat n yam loaf,fruit tarts,bluberry tarts,cheese tart n cream cheese tart on sum pic for u guys..n one thing i nit 2 tell u guys is>my exam is ON da NEX WEEK..oh my god!!!so NERVOUS like hell leh..

after my exam we hav 2 more classes..oh,i gonna miss my frens u guys!!

goin practice at Phei Yi place tomoro..n will me all part time student at Sugarcraft at nite..hope everythings fine..

Friday, November 21, 2008

cute n nice stuff

p/s::::::who r interested in cute n nice bakin stuff u can hav a look at tis website..those thingy r super chio o..enjoy too~

Thursday, November 20, 2008

practising day~

went 2 phei yi house for sum practicin..make many sweet buns 2day..n tis da onli pic i hav..
The Potato Bun!!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


meet jia qi aka vinnie 2day for shoppin..hav brunch at Sushi station then headed 2 pavillion..act im wanted 2 buy a jacket from Pull n Bear but da jacket transfer from 1u to Pavillion so i decided 2 buy da jacket from pavillion..but unfortunately,out of stocks n i wonder im not really Love it so jus forget bout it..then hav sum shoppin around Pavillion..look look c c,c c look look..dunno wat 2 buy n da season for now is not really nice but due to vinnie hav esprit voucher n she giv it to me so i jus walk in 2 esprit 2 find sum stuff so tat i can spend da voucher..heheheh..then finally after 2 round walk over there then i decided 2 buy a t-shirt..after tat,vinnie wanted 2 buy a bag from Guess then we walk over Lot10 n 2 Guess shop in Pavillion 2 find her Love stuff..then finally she bought it a white Guess Madagascar 2 after tat..ermm,i can say tat tis show r funny n interestin but not da syok im wanted da way,enjoy da movie too..but overall,i think i prefer Madagascar vinnie us 1 more important thing i wanna tell u guys..when vinnie n i were on da way bek by metrobus,1 Malay guy sitting across me doin sum weird things-he"hit aeroplane"on da bus..omfg!!!when i saw he masturbatin,i nearly fainted..then i quickly tell vinnie..we both were so scare n dunno will he stop at da same destination v us o not..but luckily he drop earlier than us..pheww!!!really "unlucky middle da lucky"(translate urself pls)..XD

Sunday, November 16, 2008

cakes cakes cakes

on da last fri,i went 2 Phei Yi house for sum n Getrid aka Jet make 5 types of pastries..we make doughnut,chicken mushroom pie,tuna pie,Quiche Loreign n Scones..hehe..many rite..n lastly we make 1 more Cheese Expresso pie..tis is Jet decision n tis is a new u sum nice pic on tat day..

hav lunch v Chin,Phei Yi n Jet on sat b4 class..n i havin nasi lemak at my skul-Sugarcraft.. then we make chilled cheese cake n baked cheese cake on sat..

we din bring any cake on sat coz all da cheese cake nit 2 chill overnite so on sun,Jet,Phei Yi n i hav lunch at Calorie b4 our class..1 of da waiter is quite handsome o..XD..then da cake of da day we make is Tiramisu,Chocolate Almond,Fruits Torte,Black Forest n Chocolate is da lovely pic taken by Ming Guan-1 of my group member..really nice photo he taken..

beautiful pic rite..?i love it very much..hope everyone love it..exam is around da corner..cant sleep well tho..sigh..tart + cake>again for nex week..will update soon okies..bye~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


remember on da last post,i got a photo tat is special made for da SPECIAL guest..?yeap..da special guest is-- yeah..tats Jacky Chan's son,Jaycee..n da host is ermm-伍家辉..act i can say tat everyone jus concentrate on JC n not him..haha..coz he not very da famous ma..haha..ok,b4 they arrive,i took a couple pic of da background..all fresh made cake.. then u c.. ok,dun say i onli take JC pic..tis is da pic for da guy n oso da ONli wan..sorry..XD
da show will b ON at 8tv,10am(25/12)..check it out v da show k..