Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bye bye

2010 will subtitute 2009 in roughly 24hrs.
lets go crazy in these few hours.
fuck off 2009 n welcome the crazy 2010 year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR once again!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

countdown to 2010

2 more days to go and 2009 goin to end.
everyone should go enjoy before it end v a full stop.
wat plan new year eve?
for me,i prefer chill v bunch of frens.
hope there is hell lots of ppl join us.
anyway,enjoy while the time should enjoy.
Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


i miss christmas in Ireland,new year in Ireland n chinese new year in Ireland.
i miss mummy!
everything related in Ireland reminds me when im celebrating christmas at M'sia.


im chillin+surfing internet at starbucks genting now.
i jus dunno wat else i can do.
2010 is coming soon but i jus cant feel anything special.
wish all my beloved frens n family hav a blast n awesome in coming every single day.
dun care bout whats coming,jus enjoy every single second u own now.
Happy Fucking December guys!

Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas eve

hows ur chrismast eve?
mine one is blast.
n now im looking for new year eve.
few more days to go n we all gotto say bye bye to 2009 ad.
appreciate it before u get older.=P

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the night before x'mas eve

gingerbread man for deco class today.=)

n this is Rock Sugar.
my so-ungly yule log.
my the-most-satisfy gingerbread man.=D
aloha couple.
fancy christmas tree.
the fugly wan.
oppsie.i terbalik the pic ad.=P
my octopus gingerbread man.
cute o not?
big bungkus small bungkus.
then after that tiring class,we suggest to pampered ourself with Fullhouse.
camwhore camwhore camwhore
with sarah behind
with the cute lil lamp
n the chio menu.
n sarah~
i love the toilet like fitting room.
jiing choice-honeydew milkshake
i love the coater.
sarah passion fruit honey
chio spoon.
jiing choice-dunno wat spagetti
mine dora fish
sarah's chicken chop
mine peppermint choc
we enjoy very much!
lil tiny cups

we three again~
for our so called dessert-salmon salad.=P

fake candle.

happy x'mas eve guys~!

Monday, December 21, 2009

making cookies for chinese new year

sun,we having a trial for cookies recipe to sell for chinese new year.
so funny to make stuff together in groups or frens.
Briefing before we start our work.
collect information

our Dai Gu Dong.
Start work lu~

the failure.overbaked.=(
our Golden Cookies,Rm 15 per bottle.
kena cancel coz too much work.='(

Chocolate Almond Cookies,Rm18 per bottle.

anyone who interested pls send me a msg.=P but no shipping,just collect from me.=)