Saturday, August 30, 2008

da 1st thing

da 1st thing i wanna say for now is--y everyone will ask whether i will miss my family o not..honestly,my ans is NO..coz i think theres nothing 2 miss bout..da onli thing i miss is my LOVELY mummy..others,-NO..i hate ppl ask me this type of ques..i think all my buddies noe wat im tryin 2 say so im really tired 2 say it out..i really feel irritating v those stuff..!

no time to update~

sorry guys..nowadays seldom online coz im stayin at my fren n grandma house so no time n no connection here..i promise i'll update once im free n on9..ok?

Friday, August 22, 2008


frens nit destiny 2 get together..friendship nit reliance,cherish,trustworthy,love and care 2 last longer..theres no 100% accommodate oneself paid by one side..everyone nit 2 pay their own "money" into their "friendship bank"..if sumone din cherish tat,then he/she will lose tis friendship..stop blamin whose da rights n wrong,u r da one who blamin but did u think how much u giv out 2 these friendship..n bside tis,did u c sumone paid much in these friendship..?all these we cant c v ours naked eyes..we nit 2 feel..feel da love around us..we nit 2 think bek,when we r lonely,who bside us..?,when we in needed who console us..?,when we in weak,who giv us support..?dun care or count how much u giv out or pay,theres is uncountable from all side..ENOUGH for all those nonsense..yeah,money is is is important..friendship also important too..if life without fren then tats is worst then a handicap..cherish all da things we hav..dun regret after u done all da stupid things coz its already useless 2 sad n is short,dun waste ur time in such annoyin things..from now onwards,dun b da one who noe accept love from others n blamin others,start now n try ur best 2 love others who around u..everyone nit it include YOU!!



Thursday, August 21, 2008


i hate myself..i hate myself for being so weak,useless,lazy and lunacy .....!thousand words 2 hate myself n no reason 2 love myself (im sayin me 2 myself) so emo now..!i noe i shouldn't say so coz tat will sorry 2 my parents but tis is my sudden feelin tat happen once a while..i jus wanna express my feelin at here but sumtimes i dunno how 2 write it out..feel like give up but i noe i cant do it coz i cant look down by others especially da LIM..there is tonnes of pressure n stress given out from da big LIM (but sum is my own needs)*t..y there is rich n poor ppl in tis world..?y everyone hav their own life..?y ppl cant live n doin everythin together..?y there is sad n happy in tis world..?sorry guys i noe i say lots of stupid crap here but i jus wanna speak out da sux feelin im havin these days..i cant really feel da happy around me although my bro n uncles laugh happily right there..grhhhhh..GERAMnya..!!!@#$%^&*

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


my test is cumin soon but y im still so so lazy..?i noe da test is very important n i also wanna study for it but i jus din put much effort on it..i hav a poor wordin n grammar..haigh..y im so so lazy 2 study..?i swear really wanna study n fight for it..i really do..da laziness cant rescue..STUDY STUDY STUDY!!!(omfg..!)for my lovely future,i must do it..yeah,baby!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

very short trip

my uncle call us 2 go 2 genting n we start our journey 2 genting at 9pm..then bek at da midnight 4.45am(means im jus cum bek from da "1 day TRIP"-can i say so?)..coz there is fully booked so we hav 2 cum bek so "early"..while waitin my uncle them 2 "earn" money from Uncle Lim i got noting 2 do,so jus camwhores camwhores n r da pic..(if u r in rush u can skip tis,coz tis pic r super duper "meaningless"..(will upload after i wake up,ok..?feeling very damn sleepy now)

havin my yummy baskin robins!

while waitin them(da result of not bringin my notebook)

and my fav things-camwhore!!woohoo~
end of da journey~=_="

Monday, August 18, 2008

happy but feeling bad

wake up early 2day bcos i hav 2 meet wennie for her sis's son bufday party..but when i reached A n W,i having bad migraine so i din talk much..after da party,we headed 2 pavilion for shop..but b4 we start shop we hav a tea break at da food court,coz wennie not yet havin her breakfast+lunch..i feel so suffer n bought sum Paracetamol from watson coz i will die if im not takin tat..then we start 2 shop..wennie bought a pair of shoe n a CK Jeans shirt..after tat,wennie say wanna hav Ramee at Dragon-i..( again after 2 hours)but i jus call a mango wat wat dessert..then Suzan call the Piggy cute..these r da pic>
Dragon-i Restaurant
Mango Sago wat wat(love it very much)
tadaaaaa..da Lovely n Cute Piggy red bean pao
havin a bad migraine 2day so cant take nice pic..feelin very "chan"n wanna puke..n i came bek from grandma house,coz my bro cum bek from aus ad..huh..finally i can hav a good sleep 2nite..(disadvantage stay v elder ppl like my grandma's sis-they sleep less,sleep early but wake up early,talk loud tats y im cant hav a good sleep at there)yeah..i can gav a good sleep 2nite..sweet dream everyone..!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


The moment you are in TENSION
You will lose your ATTENTION
Then you are in total CONFUSION
And you'll feel IRRITATION
This may spoil your personal RELATIONS
Untimately, you won't get COOPERATION
And get things into COMPLICATION
Then you may raise CAUTION
And you have to take MEDICATION
Why not try understanding the SITUATION
And try to think about the SOLUTION
Many problems can be solved by DISCUSSION
Which will work out better in your PROFESSION
Don't think this is a free SUGGESTION
It is only for your PREVENTION
If you understand my INTENTION
You'll never come again into TENSION

Saturday, August 16, 2008


feeling 2 blog,but dunno wat 2 blog..hehe..ermm..1st of all..happy holidays 2 all those schoolin o..2ndly,my elder bro msg me,he say he bought me 2 shirts from aus..thx bro..n aunty keng too..muackss to u both..3rd,i giv da best support 2 all those in weak again,i support u guys..4th,end of my stories..haha..sorry guys,i really no idea wat 2 blog mind was jus learnin my wording n doin sum editin 2 my family members photos..will upload once is done..but here im gonna say sumthing 2 JON..hey JON,"u din send me da complete pic from da shangri-la gatherin la!!"send me asap once u saw tis ok..

Friday, August 15, 2008

to all my frens

seldom online nowadays..miss blog-ing..used this lil time 2 giv da best support..
many things happen throught out this year..but i wanna say gambateh 2 support all my frens for those in weak or needed..i will giv u all da greatest support no matter wat matters wat happen,time is needed 2 ease or 2 get used 2 it..time will show everything..dun ever force urself 2 hard..tat will make u more suffer..try 1 step at a time..although i din get 2 stay bside u guys,but i will try 2 giv u guys da best support..gambateh kudasai my sexy love will always accompany u guys..cheers..!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


nothing special 2day..but i bought a new jeans from Levi's 2day..XD..coz Levi's is on sale..there is 60% discount till the end of aug,so everyone who wanna buy jeans n noe bout tis sale gonna get ur ass off 2 ur nearest Levi's shop..size is limited..c who gotta luck 2 find their most fit jeans..

tats all for 2day..nite 2 all of u n tis is da jeans i bought>

Saturday, August 9, 2008

感动-ing xox

结局>男的:“你愿意嫁给我吗?也许你不会是全世界最有钱的女人,但我保证,我会让你在春天中变成最美的蝴蝶。”女的醉了。男的接着说,“毛毛虫小姐,你愿意嫁给一个不是很懂浪漫的春天吗?”当时,我的电脑正刚好播着-whitney houston和mariah carey合唱的when you believe..我的天啊!真的是感动得快飙泪了。超感动吔!好啦好啦。不多说了,眼睛开始发出抗议的讯息了,要去变猪了(因为不会下棋所以不能找周公只好变猪咯)。晚安~不是不是,是早安。好像不对耶。edit>跟我的电脑和自己-晚安。在睡觉的-sweet dream..


Friday, August 8, 2008

feeling envy -_+

jus visit sumbody profile...a feeling of envy from my so envy to my fren tat they hav their new life n new fren in da new environment..for all who knows me,they know im a kinda like 2 frens around n hav many frens no matter who they r(but for sure not include psycho la) so envy they hav those new frens tat can crazy around..i wish i hav tonnes of crazy buddies..i like a big group of frens tat we used 2 be crazy,chat those bullshits around..tats sound so so so fun n happy..but,my wishes will not cum oso can say tat my good day will not last for long..i hate all those stuff(who likes those stuff happen?)..there will sum arguing between each other..everyone hav their comment 2 each other..sigh......wat can i do and when it will b better..?when one fren make a new group of fren,then da one will started get frustrated n jaded 2 da old frens..haigh.."Friends need destiny"but "Friendship need cherish"..i do really hope everything wont change easily.. goin 2 6am now..nit go 2 dream ad..ches~

Thursday, August 7, 2008


jus clean my room(yeah,in da midnite) and i found a stuff tat made me recall when i giv my buddies these cute stuff..dunno wheather they r still keepin these Lil Bubu o not..hemm..i hope they still keep it..when i saw tis Lil Bubu i recall all da memories tat made me so so so miss them..if u guys remember pls leave me a comment..i really miss u guys..!all da best 2 u guys in ur studies n good luck..!luvb ya..
taadaa!my Lil Bubu>>

Saturday, August 2, 2008

MPH shops~

i went out v my elder bro 2 bangsar villa..nothin 2 do so jus headed in MPH bookstore 2 find sum nice first i was at da travel guide section(wow,there r too many places i wanted 2 go)--little venice-Mykonos,Greece..Szechenyi thermal bath-Budapest,Hungary..Bath of Aphrodite-Cyprus,Blue lagoon-Iceland..Lake Pehoe-Patagonia, extractin photos..!then there r plenty of time while waitin 4 my bro so i look for interior design section..i found some nice books there..>The World's Coolest Hotel Rooms(really a great book),club design(cool design of those club),Young Asian Designers(new stuff by new designer),California Design(interior design of house) and sum different kind of window,doors n wallpaper(The Cutting Edge of Wallpaper)..there r so so cool n nice..ermm,i hope i can get a house with all these different design in different room,so i can stay at different environment n wont get bored easily..haha..(if im a billionaire then i can make it)..wahahaha..and at last i found Agatha Christie books..she is a famous writter n where theres my name cum from..

The coolest book i met(LOVE IT)!

Young Asian Designers

The Cutting Edge Of WallpaperClub Design-i like tis book very much
tis is 1 of da club logo-embryo
da outside wall of da Embryo Club-so cool
books written by Agatha Christie

Friday, August 1, 2008

lesson day~

i nit a person 2 teach me sum editin skills..and 2day,thx for da helpin of zac..he teach me bout sum editin skills,fonts n sum computer prog..thx for his patient..coz im a computer blind, n he is da one who willin 2 teach me(im not sayin others dun wanna teach la jus he teach me patiently)..thx again 2 his online teachin..till now im still tryin sum new editin n dun feel sleepy coz im hectic on da new stuff..hehe..these r da pic i edit it..not very nice coz still new in editin..hehe..