Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my gangs

where r u guys..??
i was like din c u guys for ages!!!
i miss u guys hell much!!!
i wanna hang out v u guys!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

car breakdown

receive a msg from sarah tat her car tyre pancit..
n oso know tat her rescue team still takin their lunch..
so i n meiyee,karyee,jess n johnson headed to da place where her car brokedown..
but when we almost reach there,da rescue team reached earlier than us..
anyway,there is 3 guys there so we r jus standing there n keep sayin hot hot n hot..
we all were sweat from head to toe..
altho car brokedown is an unlucky things happen but i enjoy da time we spent together n work things together..

lucky i've u guys frens..
love ya all..

forte to piano

after a lonely weekend,i control myself not to miss so much on you..
n da result-from 100%>50%..
[how awesome am i]
i prefer single..[im lyin i noe]
altho is alil of loneliness sometimes but i ad get used to my life right now..
i scare im mess out everything..
i prefer know 1 more fren than no fren..
let b frens..
i've no courage to do so..
sorry,im a "chicken"..

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I like girls[him]
They[I hope he] like me
They[He] look so good
In they[his] satin(or seven) jeans[cutie look]
Want you to be the one
And my only
I want be faithful
But I cant keep my hands out the cookie jar

i miss him alot..
wan him so much..
but i like my single life n so does him..
y couple cant stay like frens..?
a fren tat better than a best fren..
i cant stop thinkin of him..
da most i ignore da more i miss..
kill me please!

Monday, May 18, 2009


nothing to do other than clickin through all my photo album in my lappie..
all misses came to me..
i miss u guys..
i miss my buddy..
i miss ireland..
i miss my crazy gang..
i miss my LK frens..
i miss my sugarcraft fellows..
i miss all those stupid things we done last time..
i miss my handsome guy..
i miss all my colleague..
i miss my lovely mommy..
i fuckin miss u guys!!!!!!
i miss..
the feeling of misses is killing me now!!!
i wan GATHERING!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

learnin in future

how did ppl learn in future..??
no schooling anymore..?
no more schoolmates..?
no more teacher..?
no more friends to joke around..?
chip in out brain..?
upgrade all information and knowledge just v a simple chip..?
everything in digital..?
everything through internet..?
hmm..among all the question mark above,i think there will be internet world in the future..
no school exist anymore..everyone will jus b staying at home n learn through internet..
[omg,that will b a sux life for me if no school=no frens]
ppl will learn through internet but i rather stay right here sometimes,coz i need friends to get my life meaningful..=)

Friday, May 15, 2009

angels Demons

been watched these movie yday v Sarah,Bryan,Tan n Hanslin..
BORED movie ever i can say..
speechless v this movie..
jus imagine,i cant even go toilet twice v Sarah n visit other cinema room but same movie is showing,wtf..
plan 2 goin watch Star Trek v the Balitong's but reach home too late so cant able 2 attend..
Last but not least,
Happy Buffday to Wai Kit the Mr E

Monday, May 11, 2009


getting more and more couple in my school recently..

as i saw,some are pretty match tho..

where is mine..??
as people around me ask and i just say im not ready yet..
but i noe actually im waiting the right person..
a person which hav the right feeling and etc..
but sometimes i was wondering r the person exist..?
im still waiting..

some people will think im stupid o other else..
yup,mayb im stupid,but actually im afraid..
im afraid to those failure in love..
or mayb u guys will think im thinking too far apart..
for me,if i realize tat relationship doesn't work then i will jus stop it or rather don't start it..
i don't wanna hurt anyone if possible..
i've seen so MUCH problems according those relationship..
thats hell HURTS..
thats y im afraid of those..
chicken huh..?
yes,im a chicken-hearted n yet so wat if im a chicken-hearted person..
will i will b a nun few years later..?
dun dare to think it too much..

now im at school computing lab..
E find me automatically when im alone..
n now,E comes..
is a sigh sometimes..
speechless n breathless..

luckily destiny brings me crazy gang that will cheers me up ~
thanks GOD..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

happy mummy's day

Happy Mummy's Day to all mummy around the world..
I LOVE you mummy~~~!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a lil hang out v them

after class yday,watched Mall Cop v calley them at klcc..
altho i hav downloaded the movie but i still watched it with calley them..
[u see,how mighty]
funny movie,but i dun really enjoy it coz of my illness i guess..
but anyway,i do enjoy the every hang out..

Friday, May 8, 2009


on monday,when yuki hav a demo on my face,i feel pain below my cheeks..but i didn't care too much coz im too tooo tired ad..
then on tuesday morning,i touch it accidently when im on my management class..tats hell pain..
all my frens n family says tats cause by heat n im think mayb tats true,coz im lack of sleep since last weekend..[too happening i think]
n i went 2 clinic on thurs,coz i still feel da pain at the lumps n it seems doesn't grow smaller..
n im havin minor fever since yday night..
no mood,no energy,no happy mood..


Monday, May 4, 2009


camwhore camwhore time

at Perky house now..
were playin with lappie webcam..
at first we use Amy Mac,n after tat use mine for crazy camwhoration..

lol..hav fun 2night..

last but not least,HAPPY BUFFDAY SOONzzz

Sunday, May 3, 2009

awesome labour day+weekend

all i can say bout this Labour Day is my best Labour day for me ever..

first,i had paintball on fri-Labour Day with Balitong's clan n also Amy gang..

honestly,it is fuckin awesome altho it is hell tired,bruises everywhere n whole body achin..

here i show u guys some picha..

the president VS the tanker..

the commander of my team~lol

2 da war~
the place where we had our paintball..

the tongs tongs
my mask.. briefing

game 1 end..

the war coming soon

my bruises this is my back..

after the WAR,we all hav our brunch at McD n headed bek-sleep..

everyone hav not enough sleep so we take a long nap n came out at night again..

X-Men Origins-wolverine for the night..

then we all staright away back for long night sleep again..

but on the nex day,everyone were like corpse lyin on the bed,cant move..

muscle,bruises whole body aching like hell..

no entertainment at day time for all the nights cat..

n we had a early SOON buffday celebration at Decanter Too,Sri Hartamas..

photo upnex~

da cool guy which i met in Decanters Too.

after all,headed 2 SEA park for late supper..then everyone hav a sweet night this day..more photos at IDA place..

tats all for da awesome post..