Wednesday, September 29, 2010


peoples around me having depression and seems that Mr.E are turning around them.
i feels Mr.E nearby also.
mix feeling on my mind running here and there and so my heart.
presentation,projects and assignments KILLS!

Monday, September 27, 2010


dance recording end today.
last day which make most of us sunburn.
hurts,but i don't care.
as long there is connection and fun there with friends, i enjoy with it.
i love the way we get together and done stuff together!
last day today.
100% unwilling it to end.
i miss the time we practice and laugh together.
i like there is something to go whenever class end.
that feel so enrich with stuff and kinds.
why there must an END to a Happy stuff?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

warm celebration

after video shooting in the afternoon, went to stone's grandmama house for steamboat and mid-autumn a.k.a mooncake festival celebration.
long time didn't get a huge group gathering with tonnes of food already.
thanks chai,lupita,stone and others few of them for setting this plan up.
i appreciate lots with kinds of celebration.
at least i can feel there is a connection among friends and not being lonely.
this is amazing!
lots of candid shot taken by me but not my camera,as i din own any of them.
but is fun to took those funny picture.
with at least we can flash back those moments.

steamboat starts with full of expectation,but when the food are ready to eat,our stomach fullfill with gas,cant really eat much tho. XD
after that, we go for walked around the area with tanglung and kongming light.
they success to let the first kongming light fly up high and far,but the second and third was FAILED.
i didn't success to fly up a kongming light before.
how i wish i really could let my wishes come true from there. ><

while the walked is going on, my bro called.
he wish to join us.
but sad things is he cant able to catch up with us and follow by the pouring rain.
the first time my bro meet my friends in such condition and im quite happy with the incident.
their connection among my friends are good!
this is not in my prediction at all.
some stuff that i thought my bro cant accept but he accept,in the other way,some which i scare my friend don't really get to connect with my bros but also in the opposite result i get.
can u imagine how happy am i?

if u are a close friend to me, u might know i love to be with friends.
other than my family,there is friends!
so this is just toooo awesome!

last but not least,
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to every single human in this world!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


sometimes,im wondering.
why people just cant be Understanding?
because of the matter of understanding,it cause lots of problem.
from small to big problems.
from big problems,it burst.
i just wish people to start understand each point of view before they start to complain or judge.
this is important.
benefit for both sides!

Be Understanding please~

Saturday, September 18, 2010

bluee and greyish

once i woke up,i feel bluish.
don't know why.
maybe it the what-so-called SEASON and weather.
raining in the midnight made me get a good sleep recently or maybe im having holiday.
the season im referring is about couple break up.
there is few pairs of couple around me just break up.
i was asking myself is this a season for it?
anyway,don't freaking care about it.
or i should say i can't really care too much.
ok,come back to the point.
kinda E today.
but not as terrible as past few times.
kinda upset which i don't even know why.
everything seems to be so mess right now.
anti with this kind of stupid feelings!
frust myself up!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dried up

tonnes of assignments and project waiting me!
no time.
24hrs not enough!
who can clear those for me?!