Thursday, April 30, 2009

animal cruelty

during business communication class today,my teacher show us a video clip bout animal cruelty..
when i watched till half of da video clips i jus cant keep continue watched it anymore,coz it is too disgusting for me..
hens,turkey,cattle,dairy cows n pigs..
tats all r jus torturing them..
all of them got pierce tags or open those animals mouth which using pliers[i think],n tats all action r without painkiller!!!
tats cruel!!!
r those mens cold-blooded..?
omg..i cant imagine if my pets goin 2 b in tat situation..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


now is da time 2 report bout my day out on my buff-DAY la~~~
when im bek 2 my house on 27th nite,i open da fridge n wanted 2 drink,but i saw Secret Recipe..
then, my elder bro look n me,n i jus say i din c anything~~
then cake cutting on midnight~
CAKE 1 from brothers

then on da actual day oso my Management class n bread practical day..
after da tirin practical,joanne suggest 2 celebrate v me n i can jus simply choose place..
so i choose da place which near my house-1u..
at 1st i think tat joanne r jus kidding v me coz 1u hav no lrt can reach there n there is difficult 2 them..
but very glad they all make it!!!
tats my very very 1st time which celebrate v all of them who jus knew for not more then 3 weeks..
here sum photo..


the men CAKE 2 from them
n toilet,will always da place for ladies 2 camwhore~

headed 2 photobooth~

CAKE 3 from uncle
n today,
CAKE 5 by my own..
beside da doll i hugged at those photo,i oso get a mouse toy from them..

n i like it so much..
chio rite..
okay,im done v my buffday post here..
n now here da thx speech..
thx for
who sms wishes me:
suwen,waithing,yuki,chin yew,sue,ida,veeiean,Jasmine who is my lover from Ireland,yaya,zac,huei ying,poi cia,yeanying n yen..
who call me:
arlette,sue,mom,grandma n dad..
who write on my fb wall:
johny foo,jing theng,fuji,ida,chee yean,emily,jeannie tung,tiffany yau,kia jin,siok shan,rovenna low,frankie ng,mei kit,hooi ling n stephen tang..
who write on my cbox:
sue,veeiean,alvix n kit..
who left comment at my friendster:
farah,anjeaneth,tiger,takiya,salzuky,ee n rozz who send me buffday msg..
who wish me face to face:
alex,andrew,daniel,loon,amy,joanne,jessica,mei yee,yue mei,xia mi,hui yuan,shu teng,ru yi,wennie,donald,khoo,calley,ham yu,yaya,zac,tan,long jia,david,wen hui,mervyn n others mib frens who r not really remember da name..=) paiseh..
thx a million guys for accompany me n craps v me oso sumtimes..
love ya all guys!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

funny thing


bro loon:tomoro lyn buffday..wat da heck u plan tonight..?
me:har?no idea..
bro loon:tiu liao la sohai liao la me..zzz..amkan..-_-"

i cant stop laughin after i receive da 2nd msg..
damn funny..
he send 2 da wrong person..

tats really made me laugh out loud!!!


most of my buddy r fightin for their exam now..
tat means their exam week =my buffday !!
meaningless 19th~
last year oso like tat but at least i can shop da whle day..
but tomoro... ...
-wake up at 7
-da most boring class at 9
-practical at 1-5pm
=boring sial~
wat can i do..??????

good luck guys n happy buffday 2 me~!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


i think im da one who cant leave without frens..
whenever there is nobody around me 2 talk v,i will feel so freakin down mood..
then,as usual,million things/stuff running on my mind..
think think think..
simply think,watever those stupid stuff tat i can think,n figurin those rubbish stuff..
happy a lil while,sad sumtime n emo cum..
those thing r drivin me crazy..
wanna ki siao ad..
feel like sumthin but scare at da same time..
wat a chicken rite..?
i think i should call myself an idiot..


ma buff-day is cumin soon eh..
but i din feel any buffday mood tis year..
u guys noe y..?
coz my buffday fall on Tuesday tis year..
is weekday!
ish ish ish..
class for tat day from 9am-5pm lagi..
y my buffday fall on weekdays..?
hopeless for tis year..
no expectation oso..
watever for tis year..
luckily not my 21st buffday..

Coming Soon

finally i watched Coming Soon at Cineleisure v my elder bro n Calvin..
nt bad movie..
4 1/2 stars..
abit funny+abit boring+horror..
watch it guys!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


ida ajak 2 Food Foundry for cakes huntin 2day..
she say da famous cakes there r thousand layer..
now,let da picha do da talkin..
da strawberry Mille Crepe
da chocolate Mille Crepe
can u count how many layers r there..?
n their salmon spagetti for me,i prefer da spegetti more than da cakes..
coz i dun really like cream for cakes..
but anyway,thx ida for bringin me such a great place..<3

friday outs

after class,calley,andy,chen furn,khoo n mervyn went megamall for The Sniper..
da overall movie is quite bloodiness n left 1 guy at the end of tis movie..
a so-so movie for me..
after movie,we plan 2 hav 1 more movie but sumthing causes da plan cant work n tat su9ch a potong steam for me..
coz Calley n Khoo were plan 2 overnite at my place..
but we end v stayin bek at mamak..
but there is lots of laughter thruout da whole hang out..
tats a fun day out~~

b4 movie in da room of cinema

while movie-ing[everyone r in a damn cold mood] u c,watchin movie still wanna pose..
bek lo~
our tired n oily look..
after calley bek,me n khoo were chit chatin while waiting my bro..
thx Khoo for accompany me..
after tat,Lex n ida bring me 2 NiuZeXui for yumcha session..
1st time went there n da main entrance is so nice..
like Disneyland..

nice rite..?
inside da square got those Disney character oso..
so nice kan..=)