Tuesday, August 31, 2010


after cries means some decisions made.
don't ever show how weak you're.
this is what i know since young.
first time ever for this burst up.
feel so embarrassed.
don't wanna give shit anymore.
useless to think about.

i remember a thought that usually remind myself.-

If a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it. If a problem cannot be solved, what's the point of worrying?
No one will manufacture a lock without a key. Similarly God won't give problems without solution.

the best thought ever.

and out there,
i don't give a fuck anymore!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

from my most important people in my life

insomnia night.
adding some clicking,games tunes,lights.
half wake half sleep.
no idea is that counts as my sleep time.
"woke" up with unknown force of pressure,fire and imperishable gas.
totally feel uncomfortable with it.
lovely mummy gave a ring while im almost reach college.
talk around hr.
console and teach me.
somethings happens all at on time too.
trying to control while mom consoling.
but was totally burst after frens asking bout red bug eye.
totally emancipate myself.
feel great and lilbit of depress at the same time.
feel don't really back to the psycho LYNN.
but i still get to smile with frens.

mum really helps me lots and i love mom always!
heart u momma~!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


do u think like this?
why do u need to do such a unnecessary stuff?
ok,in other way,maybe is my fault too.
i should ask for permission no matter what situation im in with.
i apologies then.
but... why do u wanna take the FAIR thingy in the top place of yours.
different people different personality.
but i just cant really bare on it sometimes.
is those it is unfair also to those who borrow us their place,or anything else?
can this consider a calculative type?
gah,mind crash.
everything start with a group planing,then naturally falls on me,then things change or goes fuck up,my fault again.

maybe i should start to leave it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sudden invitation and decision

grandma's buffday celebration was held at Garden's Redbox.
while almost come till the end,Jiing called and ajak for Maison.
On for me since i didn't been there and got nothing to do after that.
tagged Ida along.
first impression at the M club,-seafood restaurant?
[almost 99% of them are those underage Seafood]
not only that,the sound or whatsocalled speaker system are so lousy.
the song are old and keep repeating few times.
no ohmm at all la.
Banned this.
[the first also the last for me.]
at first was planing to go home around 2 but Ida ajak to sneak in Zouk.
[need to drop her there at first]
Ida was doubted by the bouncer but i didn't. should i happy or not?
[did i look so old?!and i even prepare my ic]
then was get impress from their sound system.
she bring TOUR around the place.
from barsonic to main room,then phuture to velvet.
there so many angmohs ,i wanna melt ad.
and also crowded like no body business.
hmm,like it~

*from celebration to no ohmm place;then there go Z.

Final place is the so called clubs. thats music and what we called doom chitt doom chitt!

should hit up more! whoop whoop*

Monday, August 16, 2010


why others college inform class cancellation with sms and my college just through FB?
not just that.
they even just tell one of a collegemate.
how if those students didn't online?
how if those students busy?
why they cant just sent a email?
teach us about management but own a bad management.
such big/huge school and so factory there but stingy like salted fish.
what a shame.
so embarrassed.
lousy school!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


uncomfortable with a feeling of afraid.
afraid to lose.
i cant imagine how pain will it be.

i don't wanna suffer from unknown force.
tell me when im over.
everything are just cant be too perfect whenever you hope that is perfect.
there are not positive as you wish to.
no matter how positive you think,when it comes to the result that drag u down it goes hell.

sorry for the craps.

Friday, August 13, 2010


went SPCA for moral bla bla bla.
first time in my life do such thing for animals.
those dogs and cat are cute yet pity.
for those cant find home will put to sleep after a period of time due to not enough place.
heartache to see those poor dog.=[
most of us was so excited when saw those dogs.
but not everyone dare to change the newspaper from cage which some of them are dog poo in it.
give a claps to sharon and jessica.
they are awesome!
picture not much on my hand.
just this few of them.

this is the one i found in the office.
very excted,cant wait to enter liaw.
the very cute logo.
double door entrance.
very fast,kena dog poo ad.

look sad yet pity.abnormal fat.
cute sial punya puppy.
jo was like:''faster help me took this silly cute pupp picha!!!"
i love this~! the dogs and cute are so good in drawing!
just like what i saw in books!
a new member.
cage cage cage

adoption anyone?
nice name:croissant.
i love this.HUSKIE!!!!
after dogs,go for kittens.
this is so tiny.
thats all.
meow meow says ciao ~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

bits of warm

mood still not fully back yet.
don't feel like talking the whole day.
don't know why.
maybe just tired of everything besides.
tired of socialize.
tried chocolate ice-cream.
perhaps it help.

have dinner with friends that different class with them.
rarely mix.
but this feel is great.
i feel warm after the above situation.
a small yet short gather is enough for me.
heart enough.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

real nuts

tonnes of thoughts on my mind.
sorry if the post is in mess.
semester starts.
lots of thing changes.
tired of those thing.
hell tired.
things that can be and cant be seen.
i hate sawing those honestly i should say.
and that feeling is annoying.

i love friends.
the thing that i love after family.
i feel suffering whenever there is a problems.
i know maybe some people say that is a tiny problems.
and friends known as a passbyer for them.
they keep on changing every time.
but for me,they are important passbyer for some of them.
whoever having problems,do effect me.
why life doesn't goes like what fairy tale thought.
Happily Ever After.
keep the happy for life and kick the sad forever.

i enjoy happy-ness but i worry whenever happy-ness exists.
whenever there is an awesome,there will be a thingy that drag you down till the max.
thats mean wherever joyful taking part,after that i'll be worry about what bad stuff will be happen next.
who can just cancel the stuff after the joyful part?
is that a testing stage to grown stronger?
screwed that!

light me a cigg.