Thursday, July 29, 2010


i think im getting sick.
so tired recently.
cant sleep well.
no mood.
need back to baby town to get a charge perhaps.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


after a week of collage life.
back to life.
i feel things changes.
did i sense anything wrong?
feel so strange in a familiar environment.
i feel like im the one who out from the box.
i dun get the feel from semester 1-3.
dun really appreciate with this kind of feeling.
my problems?
am i dead?
no answer.

Friday, July 23, 2010


get a replacement class today.
for moral class.
first thing we do in this class is sing Twinkle Twinkle Lil Star.
2nd was Clap Your Hand.
then at last was a frog song which so funny with those face expression on it.
funny yet interesting all the while in this school.
oh yea.
after those singing we need to introduce ourself.
at first i think it will be easy for me and i'll end my part easily but something which kinda happy but yet kinda shy happened.

when i say where i from,
then the lecturer ask the class" did anyone know ,which place of Malaysia have the most numbers of pretty n beautiful girls?"
and the ans is my babytown.
then everyone was like wooow and looking at me.
kinda happy coz im from Diamond Bay but yet kinda shy that everyone looking me that way.

great to have such awesome lecturer!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


rush to school for half day class.
waited an hour and get ffk by lecturer.
few hours blank to go for our next movie so we decided to get 1 early movie.
so we made 3 movies today.

The Fantastic Water Babes which is better than Flirting Scholar2 but just so so.
then follow by a funny movie which is Knight and Day.
lastly Street Dance which made me high coz i love dance!!!
i cant wait to watch Step Up 3 already!!!

next movie in July-
La Comedie Humaine

for August-
The Last Airbender on 5th
Love in Disguise on 12th
The Expendables on 20th
The Stool Pigeon,Grown Up,Vampire Suck and of course Step Up 3D on 26th.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

first day after break

kinda weird.
kinda stress.
kinda strange.
kinda speechless.
kinda tired.
everything seems changed.
feel somethings different.

watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Ida.
thanks for the premium ticket!
nice n worth of going-to movie.

kay. done of crapping.
gonna ciao to bed.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

come to an end

back from a day out today after a shopping yday.
visited relative new house today.
dinner at Betty's Midwest Kitchen before back.
an American cuisine restaurant with kind of Pork serves there.
here the Soup of the day.
Meatloaf- pork
Baby ribs -pork
Country Pork ChopCountry Fried Chicken
a Jucy Lucy burger for me
saw the juice in it?
thumbs up for the burger.

last day of semester break today.
although this break is kinda long but there's few precious memory in it.
i don't know how to describe my feelings now.
is just like rojak now.
im tired.
bits of down.
for no reasons,maybe.
i miss mama here.

Friday, July 16, 2010


i know i face internet much more than my family.
i admit that.
or maybe i shouldn't face so much to it like theres no tomoro.
i think i need a change of that.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


class start soon.
although is kinda happy to back to school but in the other im not that happy with that honestly.
school that means i gotto spend my time with WAIT again.
and this time not i don't wanna wait is there is an unknown place for me to place.
i hate this happen!
school close at 6pm after the stupid renovation.
friends moved to other place.
and conclusion is UNKNOWN place to WAIT.

solution 1:
move to friend house.
[still pending but 90% tak jadi from my sixth sense.]

solution 2:
taxi after my class.
[few family members not allowed.F!]

solution 3:
wait at the nearest friend's house.
[pending request]

due to few solution experience,i might find few more solution if solution 3 got snips again.
[pray hard for it]

frankly,i don't really like to ask helped from others.
but God seems didn't get what i mean and i need help tired-ly.
[thats makes me vex honestly]
i really sick of this anymore.
i tired of finding solution.
i do hate of No or Sorry sometimes.
i hate crying helpless.
is torturing.

i need help!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


u ask me,i teach.
but my advice you just act like im speaking like a UFO-ian.
i already told you that cant download more than 2 movie at a time.
this will cause lagging.
i don't know you purposely don't take my words or you don't understand what im talking.
i cant do anything while you online.
the best time to use while you are not in.
you are using peoples line and so do i.
so Please don't be sellfish and stubborn can or not?
they are not using 10Mbp,so Please stop your childish act sir!
im going insane freaking soon.

i don't wanna keep telling you the advice like old ladies.
i don't wanna annoy you.
i don't wanna UNRESPECT you.
[most of the people who elder than you will say so whenever you telling the facts]
i don't wanna argue with you.
so can you just follow the Rules??

*another business i would like to talk bout.*
Z say im not respecting due raise my voice.
HELLO,you are wronged ME for not switch off the stupid fan man and please Check before you wrong anyone ok?
Fu*k,who love to be the one who got wronged?
knn,i can use everything of mine to ascertain you don't fucking like either!
saying me don't respect you?
Fuck off la.
you don't even worth gain any of my Respect.
anyone i should Respect i will do my job,but for those who are worst than a kid than why should i waste my Respect?!
Mind your own business before you mind others.
Don't meddle in matters than don't concern you.
Understood not?

everyone knows your how is your shit look.
we just don't wanna meddle anything shit regarding you.
not because we don't know,stupid.
GO Complain again when you saw this.
[wow,at least you still kinda bright about peoples talk about you huh?]
c'mon ass,complain as much as you can.
let me be the bad one and you are the "greatest" in the world.
i don't care you jugging me bad,cause you ain't anything to me.
as long my family know who am i and what am i that is.

Trust me,without your exist,worlds run so much peaceful!

shitty character

i know there is no perfects in this world.
but somehow,i still cant bare it like that it my deep heart.
so,blog to express myself
anyone who feel bored may just skip it.

someone just grumble about how she finally found that Z is such a idiot which having a Z character if A is stated the best attitude.
i knew it earlier about the Z's character.
i just keep my mouth shut and doesn't complain much about that.
or maybe i just let other people to find out themselves.
[i think this is kinda good way to avoid/prevent people saying you are talking bad someone]
anyway,luckily they found out.
[kinda glad with it. :x]
and now,the partner i think get infected.
getting stingy, selfish and stubborn recently.
[erm,shouldn't say to close love but other way]
will this kinda character infect?
anyway,who cares?
no,im just express something out to release my bosong-ness.
they ain't anything.

im kinda disappointed to something.
but things changed time by time and people who related.
we just cant really worry or care too much.
maybe the only thing i need is just let it be.
by blog it out,heart chat with someone or any method which can just let it go.

"life is short,care too much made life shorter.
snips all worries and go for the happy ones."

Monday, July 12, 2010


one slot
4 movies today with sarah and jiing.
eclipse-flirting scholar 2-9temples-despicable me
the most disappointed me is flirting scholar 2.
i keep yawning inside and the movie is BORED.
9 temples also,last 5 minutes movie only i know what the movie about by guessing.
[i still thought it can scare my lungs out.]
i love the last movie the most!
so funny yet sweet!
i love those minions and the little coconut hair girl.

our movie tickets!
although one of the number is different,but the one is bigger we having the same seat at those movies~!
The Minions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photos back!!!

such a long time i didn't upload photos to my blog due to the sucks blogger photo up loader.
and now,i think this is my time to upload something nice for you guys!

visit bro at Kuala Selangor today.
he bought me Wild Oyster!!!
and the Oyster is so damn freshie,yummilicious,crazy sweet and juicilicious!!!
i used to add lots of lemon or some ppl mayb add Tobasco on it while we eat it in the hotel,buffet or some other place which u can able to makan Oyster.
But this time,i didn't need to add any flavouring or anything to it.
It is just omg-sweet!
can you imagine that??
haha,thats sad.:x
ok,come back to the point.
May i know how much you guys usually eat for Oyster Dinner??
$$$ ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching??
Need to think about how much in you wallet?
mine Oyster you can just buy it even you are a 3 years old lil kid.
RM1.50per Wild Oyster.
is Freaking Crazy Cheap i tell you!!!
hahaha,don't envy~ teehee

photos do the talking~^^

the bucket of Wild Oyster.
looks eww at the outside right??but is blink blink inside!

oh yea,an interlude stuff.cut and blow.
woots woots*
wee~ the most satisfy one. :D
thanks Bro and Ida ^^

Sunday, July 11, 2010


why should i do so much but end with no appreciation sometimes.
how i wish i was the one who just sit there and just follow.
making a plan are easy,
making a plan works are difficult
but making a plan runs smoothly are tougher than you think.
[coz mayb you will end up blaming by heart sink are this right? :\]
honestly,planing not my work last time.
but i do willing to plan it if everyone were happy with it.
but how will you feel if u get reject every plan u do?
kinda heart sink or shouldn't i use the work kinda,is effin heart sink!
while no plan,then say why no plan;then got plan that time say other stuff.
what you want tell me frankly please.
cooperation and tolerate really need in a group of friends no matter what groups are you in.
other case
some who like to keep on consider consider consider[i also don't what 7 they considering],
but till last minute they will say something like sorry i cannot go coz xxx didn't go or what-so-ever lame reason.

deng,u think everyone need to wait you want meh?
need to plan want you know?
the hardest stuff that a planner wish is their plan runs smoothly you know?!
or maybe you don't even know what planing are.
[oh no,such a shame on you]
i wish everyone end up with a smile and not with a crimple face.
thats a stuff that really cheers you up.

guys,please be cooperate sometimes.
if you don't then please don't talk cock sing song next time.
im so sick of rejection and consideration.
no next time please.
p/s:hanging out with friends,i don't care what where when just as long we are having fun together.
are you the same?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


there is birth and passed away in life.
happy and sad.
good and bad.
now only i knew that one of my long lost friend just lost his parents 2 months ago.
[not accident]
and his parents leave between 2-3 weeks.
when i heard this i was like -OMG
so sadness!!!

life is short.
appreciate what you own.
filial towards parents while u got the opportunity.
do what you wish to[of coz not crime]
get what you want.
left no regret.

should or shouldn't

get a visit to school today.
and get to talk with fews of them.
and now only i realize my only left frens who stay at hostel are out from hostel.
when i heard this,the first thing come to my mind was------
how i gonna survive for my Sem IV and V?
[as for friends who know me well i think i no need to wrote out what happen.]
and secondly on my mind was------
im gonna die soon if i got no one to accompany or fetch me.
third thing which came to my mind------
do now i need to make more junior frens so that i can stay at their hostel while waiting?
and one of my fren-another class suggest to stay with her.
should or shouldn't i ?
i got few reason for should and also shouldn't.

won't stay late
college life

scare i cant able to stay longer
scare problems occur
scare more money out

macam mana ni?

Monday, July 5, 2010

the special ones

while on my way bek to the hectic city,this is normally what me n my family does.
yea,visit "sam suk gong" which treat us very good since young.
heart you, "sa cik gong"

Sunday, July 4, 2010


gotto pack all my stuff to the hectic city again.
i don't feel like going back whenever i have my holiday at my baby town.
feeling so unwillingly to leave.
i hate those feeling frankly.
i know maybe some will say those are my holiday mood.
but,thats hell ruin my feelings.
Hate it darn much!
why don't the school just get us just only 2 weeks of holiday?

Saturday, July 3, 2010


is been quite a long time for the feelings of helpless,heart-heavy and some misses all mixes together.
and now few amounts of friends which having the feeling when i felt last time.
this is the most hard-time for them i know.
cry and endure is the only thing you can do.
stay strong my friends and buddy!