Sunday, July 28, 2013

believe,should i

a friend just broke up with her boyfi and these day there's couple friends who asking about relationship thingy.

as we were talking about another half of our life a.k.a partner.
i believe that love will come to you as you believe.
i have try to go for a relationship which not till the LOVE stage and so i had realize it really cant work out with just like or some people so called a oklah.
i just cant. sorry to say that.

saw alot of situation, types of couple and so on. if i say im not afraid to falling in love then im totally fooling you. i scare and easily feeling insecure and i do trust my intuition.maybe it will be bad but sometimes it is a fact till you believe.
although i enjoy my single life but somehow i do really wish there is someone who can be with me like a very very very best friend. mr.B where are you? when are you coming to me? =P

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

accept , go through and gained ?

im scare i cant able to handle it good, but please GOD,be with me.
help me to go through this...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

another stage

Holla readers. sorry for abandoned my blog so long. at a sudden urge, i view back my blog and decided to write something today.

After a year plus of Experience. the kitchen life is about to come to the end.

I've decided to change my field. to leave a place which full of laughter, hard work, tears and almost i can called it a HOME place of workplace im so reluctant to leave. it fill with love in it but too bad the place and
environment gone worst.

I have no idea whether is it the right choice of choosing these. Anyway, i just feel like trying it. At least or maybe it get me a better life perhaps.

I don't know why am i having so many thing on my mind whenever im writing blog. And many times end up in a mess. So, if this happened and i will go off. =/ forgive me.