Tuesday, June 30, 2009

half way release

no time for blog nowadays..
busy for assignments,test and dunno-wat-other stuff..
btw,half way release after da management test 2day..
but Final exam is coming soon..
stress again..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

trial test

nex week gonna hav a whole week of trial test..
havent done my revision..
havent done my assignments..
due date is coming soon..

Friday, June 26, 2009


feelin down nowadays..
mayb theres assignment,group presentation,test n exam around d corner..
no mood on everything..
SUX all da time..
sniff sniff snifff

right round

u spin my head right round right round
when is due date when is due date!!!

u driving me sick u noe..?

and the one which jus copy & paste thingy stuff..
y do we need to do such fai stuff v jus a simple click n pass it..?
no idea..is so lebihhh~


Monday, June 22, 2009


nowadays,everyone have a same topic..
mayb i shouldn't write so much here,all i can say there gonna alright after some freakin time..

another things-in a relationship o not..
nowadays again,
i saw hell much of problems emerge now within 90% relationship.
problematic,bitchiness ,INPUT n OUTPUT,player and non-players.

y should those stuff occurs in this world..?
erm,okay,mayb theres a lil problem make life more colourful but somtimes it jus too HURT..
or mayb now is the sad season for some other ppl..
*condemned smile*

anyway,spectators cant really do anything except comfort and console..
to all my frens and buddies,lynn is always here for you whenever u guys need me..
feel free to giv me a call when you guys cant really find out ANYTHING..
my shoulder and ears r standby for u guys..

chaperlang post

i realize that since my house my blog add alot of rojak post ad..i need to plus all my lovely memories in a post..
ish,i dislike these so much..
firstly,the 1 and onli picha which we take when we reach steamboat restaurant before shuteng n jiann come..
the whole dinner+supper is full of fun,laughter and great teasing session for jiann..LOL
but there sum potong steam in between coz i received a call bout changing time for paintball for the nex day..
n bcoz of these sarah cant join us for Paintball..
btw,da paintball is keep on delay tat day but we do hav a great time too..
["unluckily" i din get any shot]=s

n here comes some photos..>
game start

beforeafter[sweat like hell]

the group=)
n morning woke up my whole body were achin but not as pain as da 1st paintball..sg.wang jus now n get some fashion show at isetan mphosis.

love this hat since i first saw it..
honestly,im freakin tired 2day but i do hav a good time for tryin all those clothes..
feel great!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

good luck

im here to announce that, da fifth couple of MIB has officially emerge now~

congratulation n good luck my buddy!!!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

life is short

receive an email n i found a quote..
i love it very much n now i post it up n share it with you guys..

Life is short
Break the rules

forgive quickly

kiss passionately, love truly

laugh constantly

And never stop smiling
no matter how strange life is

Life is not always the party we expected to be

but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.


honestly,im officially broke since i started my school life..
movie session,eating session,gaming session,pressie session n shopping session..
i hate myself for spending so much..
i promise to myself this paintball will be my last time of it..
at first i decided to cancel the second session but since i've dated few of my fellow frens so i jus take the very last time of it..
RM80+ gonna leave me very very soon..
i need to save money already,i need save for other meaningful usage..
[im not sayin paintball-ing with u guys r lame,i swear it is fun but this game i jus cant play it frequently]
save money starts on Monday!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

business communication ques

which quality do you dislike the most about yourself..?
-laziness,selfishness or childishness..?
and why..?


I hate my laziness character the most because this quality make everything worst.
When a person get lazy,every single work will slow down and that will cause things cant made it out on time.Besides that,once u lazy you'll left out lots of chances and good benefits beside you.Overall,once lazy come to you,you'll lose many precious stuff and some stuff you cant even find it once you lose it.

Monday, June 15, 2009


your address is keep whispering on my mind..
who able to help me get out from this freakin feelings..?


heard from chiaw who done facial for me whenever i bek to my baby town,she is PREGNANT!!
n is 37 weeks ad..almost there lo..n oso a classmate of mine,guatyim who jus delivered a baby gal for 1 month ad..
altho im not to close to u but great to heard that u r fine in everything..

Congratulation guys!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

gatherin n meetin

great to meet all my buddies..
i love u guys!!!
n oso nice to meet new frens-josephine,fiona,kerene,keong n da very foot lou zhenyang..
nice to meet u guys!!!
accordin to da previous post that mention bout eatin those breakfast..
i did all except da pork leg rice..
n surprisingly i get to ate my very long lovely Yong Tao Fu Zha Zheong mee..LOL
thx dad for bought me tis lovely breakfast..
will try to upload those picha for u guys okay..

love to go bek once a blue moon..da feel of ate delicious hometown food,meetin frens n new frens is so damn great..

p/s:still at baby town at da mean time..waitin bro comin bek from Ipoh..surely reach home late midnight..haigh..hope i get to wake up tomoro early morning for revision before my theory test..

Friday, June 12, 2009

vegetable post

first of all,thx to sarah,jing,teng,jiann n bryan for accompany me after computing class n blow water together..
whenever i make BIG BUSINESS i think of u guys n tat make me laugh..-cut shit
thx 2 freak who call me 12midnight when im on my way to my dream..
im not mad that u guys call me in the midnight but thx coz that make me feel so warm of u guys n miss all of u..
[n oso my very LK partners]
n now,im waiting my bro collegue fetch his gf bek n v will start our journey bek to baby town..
i miss u guys!!
u guys free to had breakfast v me when i reach baby town..?
reach baby town bout 3am straight away chee cheong fun session,
then 5am for loh mai fan,
then 6.30am for pork leg rice,
then 12noon for krisnan curry rice..

okie guys..?
who wanna join jus giv me a call or sms..

wait ya guys!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


good news guys..
i will be back to my baby town this weekend..
faster call me for meetin n gatherin session!!!
miss ya guys..
pls call me out n dun say i din shout out dunno im bek okie..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

my new haircut

here i shows u guys my lovely hair..
altho it not as chio as those other gals but i heart it darn much..

okie guys..hope u guys like my hair like im..=)

hair cut

get a hair but yday nite..
frankly,is nothin special but i love da fuckin hair cut..
thx Alex n Soonz..

Monday, June 8, 2009

im feelin okay but not hyper yet

i say to myself that i need 2 weeks 2 dilute da feelings from me to u n i work it out..
n da result now is = i make it tho..
im glad i make it..
this shows that u're not da Mr.Right im looking for,so y im so struggle for..
im a Saint right..?hahaha
or actually im jus hidin da feeling at da bottom of my heart..?
[hmm..good ques but i've no idea]
btw,idk that much,i jus wanna enjoy da time in da college now n get crazy v the gangs..

{for guy who read this post,u may skip this}
FYI,my auntie visitin me since sat so i cant really make my life hyper right now..
i think i jus nit few more days then i will b free of anything..
[SS-ing pulak]

Sunday, June 7, 2009

anti alone

stay 2 nites at sarah house..
her house is much more lively than where im stayin right here..
at gals hostel now,but 2 darls movie out ad..
left onli music which accompany me right now..
i hate this feeling..
that seems to be so so so quite n lonely..
i hate that hell much..
n these killing me the most!
i wan a house of friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

happy post > sad post

celebrate Sarah buffday after fri class..
1st,we headed to megamall Jusco to buy sum snacks for the night..
then after tat,headed bek 2 PJ for Heneiken n Coke..
bek 2 Sarah house for frying nuggets n sausages..thx Weilim for helpin us to fry all those..done fryin i took my refreshin shower n then we go shuteng house to bring them over Sarah house..
 nice view at da roof top of Sarah house,got mountain,water[tangki] n grass..=)
the chef who helpin us>

n thx to Sarah mom buyin us fried bihun for us 2 lou sang..=)
after food n stuff,we play truth or dare n kim beer at da roof top of sarah house..
cake celebrating v fun n laughter after cake blowing..
but things change every moment..
cake throwing become cake body mask..
everyone full v mousse cake from head to toe..
AFTER..[eat oso not so clean]
i swear i had never get so much cake on my hair ever...! n luckily my look still boleh tahan..ngekngekngek
crazy photos lots here but hard 2 upload it up so i jus try my best here..=)

this picha shows tat bryan is real drunk..LOL

da hamsap lou behind me so damn weird
da dirty fellow
so dirty still keep acting cool
hamsap lou on action..Gals,BEWARE!!=D

after bath still wanna keep on dramating~

da weirdo

after done cleanin n washin we headed 2 blue dragon for yum cha session..a nice evironment i can say..=)

everyone were tired like hell n scars everywhere..but theres lots of fun n laughter around..
n i feel tat,sumtimes jus becoz of a frens party will made all of us stay closer..n tis shows tats Frens r there for me..
Love yea guys,n destiny made us 2gether,appreciate it ok..?=)

opps..nearly forgotten 2 say bout da sad post tim..
2day meet sarah schoolsmate at megamall AGAIN[da 4th time in tis week]
after tat,receive a call by GAN n noe tat he is v jess n mei yee at there too so we meet them n intent 2 go sunway...
before headin 2 sunway,we go washroom 1st..
n theres da sad post of 2day n spoilt my mood da most,made me so sad bout tis..
"Sarah phone drop into toilet bowl.."
so sad rite..?
by day way,hope Sarah can get bek her phone..*finger cross*

nice 2 meet all new friends today-
pinky,ceci,joanne,angelyn,ew june,carmen,kah yan n victor..
GREAT to noe all of u guys..

tis is a short video jus 2 entertain u guys..enjoy~
attention:look at da dog expression,it were reluctant 2 do this action