Monday, September 22, 2008

wat a sad news~

on saturday night,i receive a call from bhwa(my bro's gf)..she ask me 2 giv her my dad num(i was wonderin y she ask for it?)..then she told me,nearby my dad shop there is fire burnin those shop n wanna ask if my dad shop got burn..then i quickly phone my dad n ask wat happenin..then my dad din ans me much jus say " burned...everything finish..."then he jus ended my call..i was so shocked 2 heard stunnin there n dunno wat 2 do..then bhwa oso very nervous..she keep calling..haigh..
it happen at bout 10 sumthing,then i jus call my dad 2 hrs ago 2 hav a chit chat..oh jus happen in da nex goodness..da onli thing i was worry is my dad..i really scare he will think too much..n i heard from my dad's clerk,he sit outside his shop n look at his shop until 4 in da mornin..huh!!wat a sad news..!!
actually i hope i can bek 2 my hometown 2 hav a look 2day but i hav class 2 attend so i decided 2 bek on Mon..2day,i was so so lost..i dunno wat i do oso..feel like hiding..everything cum so fast!!


will tell u guys wat really happenin after i bek ok..thx for all my frens regards n ur u guys..

Monday, September 15, 2008

result day X~X(sat)

result out today~supa nervous..overnight at Wennie place..but i cant sleep..super "gan jeong"..then wake up at 6.30am..prepare..then go out bout 7 sumthing n reach there at 7.30am..send Suzan 2 exam n wait her for register then Wennie n i walk 2 Mcdonald's makan breakfast..we walk walk n walk..n bout 9am we walk bek 2 Idp..oh GOD!!so nervous la.. last i get my result..i no nit 2 resit but not da result i wish..but oso good la~no nit 2 resit n spend another RM530..hehe..XD
then Wennie n i go 2 Sunway..woohoo..i can shop shop n shop..i bought a shirt write>tis shirt looks great on ur floor!(cool rite..?)then we bought JCo donut b4 we fetch Suzan..feelin great 2day~


sun-accompany Wennie them 2 1u n we take 1 plus 1 shabu shabu for lunch..(i like da jelly..yummy~)then we
walk 2 da herbs shop n hav a "tong shui"..chit chat for a while n buy sum bread for tomorrow(2day)
da jelly im love it very much

snow fungus ginseng "tong shui"

and Wennie's neighbour giv them agar-agar mooncake..nice 2 c,nice 2 eat..>pruple-yam,red-dragon fruit,white-no idea and green-cendoi...

colourful mooncake~

Thursday, September 11, 2008

cherish problems tat exist in every seconds

problems problems problems!!!headache with all these problems..!although i tell myself not 2 think 2 much but my mind cant b quiet for a moment..think think think!walao eh,no wonder almost every stranger also say tat im 20++,it bcoz i think too much la..haigh..(but sumtimes my mind jus keep on thinkin,i oso no idea wat my mind thinkin,it jus like 2 find things 2 think)-sweat rite..?

im goin 2 take my result tis sat leh..sigh!dunno wat da result will b..may God bless me much much la..*wink*..n may God bless Suzan too,coz she havin IELTS tis sat too..XD..

frankly,everyone oso hav problems rite..?1 thing tat make problems is-feelin not enuff Love..i oso hav da same feel sumtimes..i'll say tat y those ppl treat me like tat o y those ppl hav those attitute..and these r da words i always tell everyone who faces these problems..i'll tell those 2 think from another way/side..i can swear it helps tho..

sumtimes,u will get mad with sum ppl,but when think from da other way,u will try 2 cool down..once ppl get mad,they can do watever there is,dun b so impetuous,think first whenever u wanna make a decision,dun make urself regret..

i noe everyone Love & Care bout me,but as i always say human being r "itchy"-gatal wan..sumthings tat more taboo or dangerous,human being r so in love 2 try o find out..tats y cant oppose tat human being r really "fan jian"..sumtimes my family r too care to me or can say tat sumtimes i dun like da way they care..i noe i will hurt sumone but i nit 2 say tat,im rather 2 stay v my frens than my family..coz living in a big family is so so irritatin..(i noe sum other ppl will envy me tat i got many aunt n uncle n they will say i "live in hapiness but dunno da hapiness is around me"
in my world > when u happy u feel everythings good,but u sad everything goin 2 b as worst as u think..u gonna enjoy it..dun complain..tell urself,tis is jus a stage,once it over then u will happy again..tis is LIFE..there is much much problems cumin soon..cherish wat u hav right now..(nice words nice sentence nice 2 tell,but i noe is hard 2 execute it) we try our best 2 do it better ok.?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


hav a try with bamboo massage n japanese hot stone for yday n today..i prefer hot stone,coz da hot stone make all my nerve awake n feel so relaxin..woohoo..nice try~but 1 disadvantage for massage is-u nit 2 bath 3 times after ur massage bcoz da massage oil is very oily..
bamboo massage
japanese hot stone

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Think about this for a min......
If I happened to show up on your door step crying, would you care?
If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened, would you come?
If I had one day left, to live my life; would you be part of that last day?
If I needed a shoulder to cry on, would you give me yours?

i noe everyone Love me but sumtimes i will feel insecure-friends..(i think many of u guys will hav da feelin oso rite..?) i think tis da ques i hope i get 2 ask..really nice ques..

Monday, September 8, 2008

today... go for a nice n beautiful place..but i din take any pic from there..(hehe..paiseh..)then i watch a new drama->Miss No Good..da actor n actress r-Rainie Yang,Wilber Pan n ... ...dunno wat their name..hehe..tis drama really a nice drama..i laugh till stomachache bcos Rainie Yang is super duper cute actress..not bad drama,u guys should download n watch it..hehe..tats all for today..ciao~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

my first day~~

2day is my 1st day attend da bakin n patisserie course at da sugarcraft in da 1 in da group of 3..we bake 2 types of cake 2day..-banana n butter cake..but da butter cake we add sum espresso 2 make it marbel butter cake..we all take back our banana cake onli bcoz da butter cake not yet done..2day class is quite ok..feel good coz im no longer doin nothin at teacher-Liz treat us her own recipe carrot cake n chocolate taste super it..sorry hp allow during our class so i din take any photo..n we oso busy v our batter,so if there r chances i will grab few shot 2 u guys ok..muackss..
tis is da Banana cake XD
da banana cake without flash light..

Friday, September 5, 2008


my skul will b start soon..dunno how 2 express my feelin now..dunno how will it b..will i b clumsy like im in wennie house..?hemm..really dizzy bout tat..X(

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

recall havin sumtime 2 write my blog,so im gonna slightly tell u guys wat im doin these few days..on 23rd of aug(sat)i overnight at my fren house..we havin a blunch at Saisaki Buffet.. yummy!
lovely sushi~
simply delicious dessert(especially da freen tea cake)

then sun i hav 2 accompany them 2 go bek my baby town 2 find their house garan..coz they r sellin their,we hav a very short journey bek..on da way bek,there is a hyper jam at da highway..coz there is 4 cases of accident..1st accident-5 cars..2nd accident-2 cars,3rd accident-3 cars then at last 4 cars..omg..i was thinkin(hem,da car service man gonna rich bcoz of these..haha)hehe,silly me..XD

on monday,i hav 2 attend da IELTS workshop v Suzan..from 2-5pm n it is mon-thurs..tis workshop not cheap,it cost RM300..omg!!everything oso $$$ gonna DIE ad..

on WED,im havin my speakin test..da topic is bout interestin animal..i oso wat ans i ans ad..(sweat!)2day,da workshop like we havin at genting,da air-con is super duper cold..i cant tahan eventho im takin a goin 2 freeze there..

on thurs,ermm..i can say im clever enuf tis time..coz i borrow a jacket from not goin 2 freeze ad..!

then fri im doin nothin in my frens dental laboratory..jus look how they make false teeth..hehe..n for ur guys information,da false teeth is not human being real teeth..there r not make from ppl's an artificial teeth..then i go bek 2 my grandma house tat nite coz im havin IELTS test on sat mornin..

tis they called Bridge

n tis is Crown
on sat mornin,my bro fetch me 2 subang 2 attend my exam..oh so so so sleepy..i reach there bout 7.30am n my exam start at 9am..n i finish my exam at 12 sumthin..but my bro fetch me at so hungry n tired..hope my exam will pass..GOD BLESS ME!! then i went bek 2 wennie house at nite after they came bek from my baby town coz they pack all their stuff from da house..

Sunday,i help wennie's dad 2 clean crystal..there is so many crystal..suzan,wennie n me r so tired cleanin like hell coz there is thousand of crystal there..after tat,we go bek n hav a "fast bath"(in malay we call tat mandi kerbau)coz we goin 2 bake blueberry n butter cake..

da small part of da crystals
blueberry n butter cake b4 it done..
blueberry cake

mon,we make melted butter bun,small nothin bun n sausage bun..(is pretty tired u noe..?)

looks like "tau sah peah"(nothing inside so i named it small nothing bun)
melted butter bun

then,from tat day onwards,i jus follow them 2 lab n jus start on9 goin 2 start my class tis weekend..lesser on9 lo..i will update once im free ok..MUACKss