Wednesday, July 29, 2009


did u ever laugh for 2 over hours..?
hmm,i jus did it yday..
staying down at skul with Khoo,Mak,Caley,Sarah,Tan n Jie is definately a great choice..
especially the place which has Khoo n Mak..
i bet u will laugh till ur stomach cramp..
but when i got back to home and intent to start memorize the 15 Attributes of an Effective Manager,Mr.Migraine find me..
oh gosh,thats torturing me enough the whole night..
huh,why migraine find me whenever im busy..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First of all, I need to thx to the Banana couple- Sharon and Trevor for accompany me. Although there is not a great hang out but I appreciate it. Again, laughter still around when I’m around. =P

Thanks God for giving great friends to me.

Another short missing over here. Although I’ve not much contact with each other or can say that no contact but I start to think of you these few days. Wonder what you doing right now, how stuff there going on and wondering did you think of me.

[I know this surely gonna be another short term “missing”. It will end very damn soon like all my past. But I just can’t help thinking of you. Or someone can please remove you from my memory. No one? Never mind, I will forget it very real soon. =]]

P/s: luckily you have your another part of your life.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Why must everything going so un-fluent every time?

Why every time there will be few stuff come towards me together?

I’ve totally get sick on those problems which occur repeatedly.

Can’t I just go through my course peacefully..?

Since back from there I face so many money problems and study stuff all faces financial problems.

I see hope from you guys but what I get every time is tons of disappointment.

Please don’t ever give me a cent of hope just because you don’t want me to feel upset when u know you can’t give me that thing but what I get is much more sadness and heartbroken.

Money, money money.

How if I’m a beggar?

Where I gonna find all the money from?

How if I get sick terribly?

What is the best decision for solving such problems occurs?

I think about ran away from everything, but … problems still can’t solve.

I think about commit suicide, but result still remains the same, problem haven’t solve.

As I say at my very previous, problems made life perfect but I just hate it so damn much when these happens.

I wish like everyone do but will I get blessed?

[I know everything needs my own effort]

That what we so called LIFE huh?


What a Tough Life human being need to go through.

-Dying inside-

Friday, July 24, 2009


super upset!
super moody!
fucking uncomfortable!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hennessy Artistry

Bukit Kiara
Hennesst Artistry Biggest event ever..

but this seem i onli can jus brush past v it onli..
i got that invitation card but im currently at my baby town..
what to do..?
sigh again...........

Sunday, July 19, 2009


get myself a lil bit of food shoppin jus now..
n saw a MIX type handsome..
he is a damn handsome guy man!!!
y everytime i will meet those guy in such situation..?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


anyone can help me on scsite..?
i cant open the link..
if that mean im gonna fail my computing subject..?
how i gonna study all the 6 chapters..???

Friday, July 17, 2009

study week

study week=exam coming soon
mayb will follow my bro bek to baby town..
coz i think if i stay at kl for nothing i'll bored like hell..
i miss my buddies so much..
misses killing me softly..
when i can online that time i dun feel like writing blog..
goin to yum tea v my cousin bro soon later..
ciao lo....

Thursday, July 16, 2009

divorce cases in Malaysia

there are getting more and more cases of divorce now..
i can say that there is 8 out of 10 which come from a "broken" family..
and many among them are young family..
beside that,many of them because of the third party among them...
there are so many reason cause the cases of divorce raise..
n now,getting more and more coming up for jus some of jus because some small matters..
btw,i would like to advice that,is better to think twice before step in marriage..
if you own a child after your marriage and wanted to divorce,that will b a hard stage for the kids and thats not fair to them..
think twice before you wanna step into marriage!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd stage

2nd stage---done~!!!!!


the champagne hunger.!
and our simple table setting..
left the last stage onli..
gambateh guys!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

stage 1

okie guys..
my stage 1---CLEAR!!!
nice teamwork we hav,sharon!!!

ruyi group

sarah group

spots anything??

saw that??

tomorrow the upcoming stage..
gambateh all my beloved frenza..


Monday, July 13, 2009

long post

having a day trip to English Hot Bread and High5 ..
lets let the picha do da talkin,i've no idea how to start..
here we go!
1st,we went to English Hot Bread first..
n we nit to wrap ourself like this>
from head to toe..


clockwise from 9:johnson,karyee,ruyi and me

then we enter the bread n cake making
this aunty is so damn expert

sandwich making

tiramisu-the one i forget to purchase..T_T


the cold storage..nice place for us since we are sweating like hell..=P
n after tat,is our camwhore time~
first is the Emo guy in da bus...

then here we come to HIGH5..
since there lots of time waiting and nice egyptian art there own,so for sure we gotto camwhore 99 there..
the wall art..



da one and onli MAN picha of our MONITOR which scoldin for da unknown for craping around..
know where we are..?
70's disco..

below the machine-flour around
no wearing glove
dough float out

the dunno-wat-to-call things
[all together pun tak sampai RM5]

that all for the day..
but since da Bread Town let us wait for so long n givin such a lame excuse AND a dunno who the MR r annoying us,so im complaining the loaf that in da gift i received..

who ever saw this post,can u tell me wtf is this freakin stuff.??
the dunno-wat-proffesion MR,stop crapping around us..U mean nothing to us which mean stranger so pls stop ur AH PEK slang n blaming us..
FU*K u assholes!!!
so wat if we are LK-ing there n that oso non-of ur fu*king business ok!!!
shut da Fu*k right there..
n 1 more stuff,
since u r so great on advicin us there is FREEDOM on wat speaking in M'sia but we hav to CONTROL..
wtf..since u r so PURRFACT on everything thing then wat da CRAP is this..?>
YOU are taking human picha n not the road,sir..
we are jus 1/3 in the photo and u r taking the road more than us..
pls upgrade ur skill b4 u complainin us!!

p/s:we pay RM15 per person for visitin,u din serve us in a good way still wanna say we making noise after we waitin for 1+hrs outside the freakin hot day..
who wont make noise at this freaking momment..?
don't make SoH*i statement jus because we are teenager okay..
i admit we are being abit childish but wat else we can do for waiting outside the stupid town for the freaking 1+hrs..?
+ sumore we are teenager,dun u wan us sit there and pray..?
are u crazy or wat.?
if ur children is a teenager n he/she are quite until a needle drop oso can listen then u really freak out man..
dun judge us by our cover MR.WEIRDO!!
since u so ngam we our MR.WEIRDO ASA then jus go roll on the bed together n get Fu*k up..
we like to do wat we wanna do n we know wat we doin..
if u cant really tahan our attitute then pls leave the earth,and bek to ur outer space,here is DANGEROUS,
[c,wat a nice name i gave then match enuf with MR.ALIEN ASA]
okay,im done talkin n release..