Sunday, January 11, 2009

art class

2day we r like havin a art class coz da very 1st cake we nit 2 deco is like "mountain water drawing" we nit 2 hav those mountain,tree,sunset n water of coz..2day class is much more easier if compare 2 da pass few class.. n tis da car racing..tis is da easiest decoration i,overall,2day class is pretty much more relax,but i still nit my beauty sleep later coz i wake up early for tis 2 days..nit 2 get my battery fully charged!wee~

p/s:havin exam nex Sun..omg..sumone can u find me few nice pic of 3-tiers wedding nice as easy as cool as possible wedding cake ok..hehe..
thx u guys~

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