Tuesday, January 20, 2009


sumtimes,u guys must think tat y should we hav all those crap problem rite..?
mm..now i hav a flashbek when i get d opportunity2 chat v Sally-one of my relative who is Indonesian n we chat bout life,experience n so on... ...
i remember she say,problems made life wonderful..
yea..im totally agree v tat fact..coz if no problems in life tat mean no life..
u guys hav a lil think v tis..>wat happen if there is no problem in tis world..
i think will b so so so damn bored rite..?

when u think bek all da problems,u will feel tats ridiculous but sumtimes u feel precious moment u hav v tat n tats worth bcoz in ur life at least u hav sumthing 2 flashbek(but i dun mean u guys go n find PROBLEMS,all those problem i mean is cum by itself)..is a pretty great scene u own in ur life when u recall bek 2 mind n ponder over it..im surely u will catch a smile in sum recall problems u go through..or u guys wanna like those ppl who lost memory..?think bout it... ...

human being r "Fan Jin" sumtimes..coz same thing goes 2 me..when problem occur,i suffer v tat,non-stop blamin all da stupid things n sumtimes feel like commit suiside..but when nothings goes on,i will keep buzzin y we should stay like tat n when these stuff cum,i will wonderin am i waitin for deathness to arrive..?!

ridiculous conclusion:dun blame when problems visit u..try 2 enjoy da process but i noe its freakin hard 2 carry out sumtimes..anyway,wish u guys hav a great n nice problems which made ur life wonderful..

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