Wednesday, February 25, 2009

day out

due 2 pavillion is near 2 da place i get interview,so i get 2 hav a window shopping over there..
n i nit 2 say tat i din make out da job i interview due 2 sum reason..
n 2day,i get 2 took many fitting room pichas..
so,yuki call me 2 try up those sexy + crazy dress (for me) tat i din wear on ordinary day o i can say tat i din hav tis dress in my cupboard..
then now i will show up wat dresses i try..
at da interview place..
n i noe da background look like mini mart..=D then headed 2 pav-zara topshop u c wat she choose..?
leopard sumore..
ad let ppl say im mature ad n look bcum more older ad..
n i love tis very super duper muchhh!
then MNG da nex..
look nice but it seems doesn't suit me v da weird cup..
n a lil looks like those who jus after giving birth~
not much nice dresses in MNG recently so headed 2 forever 21..

im havin a hyper Giant shoulder!!!

so bak bak!!!
then, our mouth feeling gatal so we bought sum cheesecake at The Loaf..
n my fav drinks-Ginger Beer· cheese-cakesssss
after tat... ..
love him
Love his sunglasses~~

tats all for 2day~
try 2 hav Love Matters 2moro if tickets r available..


yaya said...

OMG lyn..
after i c those picture tat u trying the clothers..
damn SEXY ha!!!

×ocean× said...

thx thx..
most of da dress not i pick wan la..haha