Sunday, February 15, 2009

dereliction of duty

i dunno how 2 start but i think i can onli say a million times of sorry,BRO..
im havin a dereliction of duty n im totally felt so sorry 2 u..
i've check but things jus really happened..
so sorry Bro..
i noe u r alright now but i jus cant really feel sorry tat i din done a good job 4 u..
sorry once again..
last but not least,dun 4get 2 intro u guys a not bad movie..

yeah..Nick & Norah Infinite Playlist..check out v da gay in tis movie..1 of da gay is da Farid in InkHeart..hawt!hawt!hawt!n oso da partner of him..woohoo..his's hot too!!haha..


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