Friday, February 13, 2009

friendship love n forgiveness

we met by chance and turned into frens and now our destiny keeps us close to each others making our friendship grow more v the passing time..

a fren is sumone u can b alone v n hav nothing 2 do n not b able 2 think of anything 2 say n b comfortable in the silence..

friendship isn't how u forget,but how u forgive..
not how u listen,but how u understand..
not how u see,but how u feel..
not how u let go,but how u hold on !!!
friendship is ALWAYS..

i dun need words to express..
i dun need tears to shed..
i dun need to ask for a smile..
or a hand to hold me..
Coz all i nees is to b ur fren, forever..!
a true fren is da GREATEST of all blessings !!!

thank u so much,for everything..
u r my everything in the world..
"a faithful fren is a sturdy shelter;he who finds one finds a treasure"-Sirach 6:14
[i hope i can take a pic like above,n there is much more ppl than tis photo]

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