Friday, March 20, 2009

20 March

Firstly I would like 2 say tat Twilight is like kinda of drugs 2 me nowadays..
Coz it made me keep watching it..
Can sumone save me..?
[I think almost 10++ times I watched]
Twilight is a great movie I can say..

All da actor n actress play their character so so damn real..
Their act especially da main actor who really a ‘hard’ wan..
He holding tis n I can even feel his desire 2 Bella..
I think I will try 2 buy da Chinese version Twilight books..
Coz I think tat movie is kinda too short for
N now cums da Korean drama which I mention on da last few post..
Altho I not really trust there will b so many unordinary n yet ordinary story but tis drama is quite attracting me..
I started 2 chase ad..
Da main actress is so cute n funny I can say..No harm 2 try 2 download it n try 2 enjoy da drama guys..(=

Ermm..I think I hav craps enuff n now I should show sum stupid photos we took we at meikit house while waiting da cake baked..
Dun laugh too loud or u will disturb the others..=)

lets play boobs sandwichsss
focus on Cheah expression

da abnormal wan

nice nice

Veeiean,u got a big boobs!

chau shui-ingcheah:stop it!!!

agatha&ink:we wan more more..!

look at Veeiean aiming
cheah:look at da flower..

veeiean:omg,tats look wonderful!!!

no eye c

veeiean: ... ...[speechless]

unhappy buff-day
focus on their chio priceless expression

nice wan
"man mai po"
cheah eating da snowflake

#take 1 failed

[cheah:i dodge~]

[veeiean:aiyak,terkena pulak]

#take 2 sucess

cheah:dodge again,wee~

veeiean:yeh,i dodged!!


4 hand GuanYin
big boobs Veeiean
long leg

here i come!!!
da cake eaters!!!
shot! kit: i've a huge armmmm!!! faster!!run!!

veeiean:*sob sob*im pregnant~~
mouth full v cake

kit:yes im weight gainingkit:so wat if im gainin weight..?!!
tats all for da post..

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