Friday, March 27, 2009


alex buffday..
we jus hav a buffday celebration at Gasoline,ampang look out point..
nice view n freshy air there..
n everyone was laughin at da Bangladesh[i think]waiter of his pronoucesation..
Back Top Chicken
[Black Pepper Chicken]
n many many more n i forget ad..
so damn funny n im sorry i cant stop my laughter there..
really sorry..i din mean 2 laugh at U-da waiter wan..
da view..not clear here but is nice 2 step on tat place..

paiseh for da bad quality of da picha..

n here da Bday boy~ not much photo at my side so will try 2 upload once i get it..kay~

n i won't forget 2 camwhore abit as well..

toddles n

Happy Buffday Lex~

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