Monday, March 2, 2009


KNN u !!!
everything u made u do tats always da right..
n other peoples thing is always da wrong wan..
who do u think u r..?
Hell la..
when u noe u r wrong tat time u use excuses 2 run away from there but,
ppl do wrong tat time u scold ppl like a dog..
everyone oso born 2 b UNperfect wan..
n u..?
dun think u r da Perfect wan ok..
Fuck u ASSHOLE !!!
think when u put ur shit around..
n dun think u r always da pitiable wan..
u oso noe how 2 say ppl din think from other side but u..?
u oso da one among them..
everyone own different attitute n dun wish everyone like u n giv a piss on wat u say..
think of other oso coz everyone hav their own limit of toleration wan..
u no nit 2 tell who treat us good nor bad..
coz everything we can feel it by our own..
thx for ur business n enuff for tat..
im sick of it,"BUSINESSMAN"!

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