Friday, March 6, 2009

Marley n Me

yea,havin Marley n Me jus a few hrs ago..
n now da time for me 2 comments again..
at 1st,theres really quite boring..
then cum da many funny stuff done by Marley da cute dog..
a unordinary n yet ordinary dog story tats i can really say for tis movie..
family problems,financial problems,workin headache n DOG..
sadness n laughter..
all link 2 Marley,da dog..
tears in my eyes at da end of da story..
n Marleys make me think of Daisy~,my lovely dog..
-i love u always,Daisy~-
[may "Daisy" love heaven too coz there's lots of stuff for u 2 chew]

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