Friday, April 10, 2009


after tis weekend,my class will b officially start..
im so damn damn God damn dunno wat 2 do actually..
mayb sum ppl will hav da same feelin as me when da times cum..
i wait these days for a long long time ad..
but when it is comin soon,it made me feel like BLANK..
im so damn self-emotion nowadays..
my heart feels so uncomfortable..
mayb everyone in my house r busy workin n passin their life now n im still standin right here..
n when im alone,there million things running on my mind..
tats breathless..
everyone bside me noes i like 2 frens around n sumtimes i like 2 hav sum private time 2 spend v myself for a certain times..
but i hate being LONELY..
tats made me feels like suiside..
da time is hard for me especially when sad songs played..
when tats kind of situation happen,there is like u switch on 2-3 different songs 2gether v same volume..
is so messy like be possessed by Devil..
then followed by depression..
slightly melancholy now,mayb..
waiting sumthin,sumbody/sum certain thing 2 cheer me up..
i nit those..
i nit a happy environment..
[i din mean im not happy here]
i wan my craziness n happy-go-lucky character bek!!!
n i dun wan start my class v a moody fuckin face!!!

oppsie,nearly forgotten...

"HAPPY EASTER,everyone!!!"

p/s:where is my Easter Eggs..????

[to mummy:i feels like goin bek 2 Ireland,here is sux nowadays!!!T_T]

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