Thursday, April 2, 2009


from da information of somewhere else..
M'sia r known as a peace reigns under heaven
[which means a peaceful country]
i think tat is a description for da olden days of M'sia..
n for now,
tat is overall a Sux country i think..
"for those small village in M'sia i think there r still peaceful la"

On 1st of April,1 of my frens bag get snatch by a MALAY GUY..
n jus now i heard from a fren tat there r another fren get!
n moreover,when da gal who go n report at da police station,da police still sayin tat she is bluffin n told her is April Fool!

must Curse those snatcher n pickpockets 99!!!
Curse them
>fall down when they ridin motorbikes
>serious injure
>poor salt on da wounded place
>put honey bee bside n let bee stung until they cant tahan n run away
>when run away get bump by car then follow by gas tank lorry..

sorry for being sourness coz they r really such a LOSER n they even r lazy-eir than me altho i admit i ad da lady dum..

for readers:pls dun bring any bags/handbags/sumthing cosy when u r is no longer safe like last time..
for those pickpockets/snatcher:go 2 hell as soon as possible!!!

y?y?y?y i din get 2 study in overseas..?
i dun wanna stay here anymore..!!!

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