Saturday, April 25, 2009

friday outs

after class,calley,andy,chen furn,khoo n mervyn went megamall for The Sniper..
da overall movie is quite bloodiness n left 1 guy at the end of tis movie..
a so-so movie for me..
after movie,we plan 2 hav 1 more movie but sumthing causes da plan cant work n tat su9ch a potong steam for me..
coz Calley n Khoo were plan 2 overnite at my place..
but we end v stayin bek at mamak..
but there is lots of laughter thruout da whole hang out..
tats a fun day out~~

b4 movie in da room of cinema

while movie-ing[everyone r in a damn cold mood] u c,watchin movie still wanna pose..
bek lo~
our tired n oily look..
after calley bek,me n khoo were chit chatin while waiting my bro..
thx Khoo for accompany me..
after tat,Lex n ida bring me 2 NiuZeXui for yumcha session..
1st time went there n da main entrance is so nice..
like Disneyland..

nice rite..?
inside da square got those Disney character oso..
so nice kan..=)

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