Tuesday, April 7, 2009


my internet really cant work ad..
i even nit 2 stole others line 2 online..
mayb theres good but oso bad for me..

im goin 2 start my class in 6 days..
in these 6 days without internet connection,i can sleep earlier..
n change back 2 an ordinary daily routine..
but is quite hard for me u noe..?
i ad get used 2 these kind of life for 1 year + i can say..
after im bek from Ireland,i jus woke up early if theres sumthin i nit 2 do..
n b4 i register for tis class,i admit tat i envy those who went 2 college n there hav lots of frens there..
but now,finally im goin 2 step in for study again..
[another stuff 2 bother again...]
will i handle it well..?
i wish i could..
coz theres a huge responsility to/for me..
i nit 2 put on hardwork for a better future n tis is oso da onli stuff i can do for my own..

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