Sunday, May 3, 2009

awesome labour day+weekend

all i can say bout this Labour Day is my best Labour day for me ever..

first,i had paintball on fri-Labour Day with Balitong's clan n also Amy gang..

honestly,it is fuckin awesome altho it is hell tired,bruises everywhere n whole body achin..

here i show u guys some picha..

the president VS the tanker..

the commander of my team~lol

2 da war~
the place where we had our paintball..

the tongs tongs
my mask.. briefing

game 1 end..

the war coming soon

my bruises this is my back..

after the WAR,we all hav our brunch at McD n headed bek-sleep..

everyone hav not enough sleep so we take a long nap n came out at night again..

X-Men Origins-wolverine for the night..

then we all staright away back for long night sleep again..

but on the nex day,everyone were like corpse lyin on the bed,cant move..

muscle,bruises whole body aching like hell..

no entertainment at day time for all the nights cat..

n we had a early SOON buffday celebration at Decanter Too,Sri Hartamas..

photo upnex~

da cool guy which i met in Decanters Too.

after all,headed 2 SEA park for late supper..then everyone hav a sweet night this day..more photos at IDA place..

tats all for da awesome post..


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