Monday, May 11, 2009


getting more and more couple in my school recently..

as i saw,some are pretty match tho..

where is mine..??
as people around me ask and i just say im not ready yet..
but i noe actually im waiting the right person..
a person which hav the right feeling and etc..
but sometimes i was wondering r the person exist..?
im still waiting..

some people will think im stupid o other else..
yup,mayb im stupid,but actually im afraid..
im afraid to those failure in love..
or mayb u guys will think im thinking too far apart..
for me,if i realize tat relationship doesn't work then i will jus stop it or rather don't start it..
i don't wanna hurt anyone if possible..
i've seen so MUCH problems according those relationship..
thats hell HURTS..
thats y im afraid of those..
chicken huh..?
yes,im a chicken-hearted n yet so wat if im a chicken-hearted person..
will i will b a nun few years later..?
dun dare to think it too much..

now im at school computing lab..
E find me automatically when im alone..
n now,E comes..
is a sigh sometimes..
speechless n breathless..

luckily destiny brings me crazy gang that will cheers me up ~
thanks GOD..


dracoli sly said...

zomg!!! who is E?! you must tell me. sigh, there will always be heartache but we learn from it right? ppl like you and me, we take it all in a stroll with our heads held high and when the time comes, we can say 'i did that' or 'i experienced that feeling'. let go of your inhibitions and go with the flow (unless that flow is heading for waterfall la. lol)

×ocean× said...

E find me when im alone=EMO find me when im alone..
but anyway,im still waiting for meeting the my MR.right..u n me..aren't we do the same thing now..?

dracoli sly said...

haha. yeah. let's just enjoy throw our hands back and enjoy the ride

×ocean× said... is too short,let enjoy our life 99..=)