Saturday, June 6, 2009

happy post > sad post

celebrate Sarah buffday after fri class..
1st,we headed to megamall Jusco to buy sum snacks for the night..
then after tat,headed bek 2 PJ for Heneiken n Coke..
bek 2 Sarah house for frying nuggets n sausages..thx Weilim for helpin us to fry all those..done fryin i took my refreshin shower n then we go shuteng house to bring them over Sarah house..
 nice view at da roof top of Sarah house,got mountain,water[tangki] n grass..=)
the chef who helpin us>

n thx to Sarah mom buyin us fried bihun for us 2 lou sang..=)
after food n stuff,we play truth or dare n kim beer at da roof top of sarah house..
cake celebrating v fun n laughter after cake blowing..
but things change every moment..
cake throwing become cake body mask..
everyone full v mousse cake from head to toe..
AFTER..[eat oso not so clean]
i swear i had never get so much cake on my hair ever...! n luckily my look still boleh tahan..ngekngekngek
crazy photos lots here but hard 2 upload it up so i jus try my best here..=)

this picha shows tat bryan is real drunk..LOL

da hamsap lou behind me so damn weird
da dirty fellow
so dirty still keep acting cool
hamsap lou on action..Gals,BEWARE!!=D

after bath still wanna keep on dramating~

da weirdo

after done cleanin n washin we headed 2 blue dragon for yum cha session..a nice evironment i can say..=)

everyone were tired like hell n scars everywhere..but theres lots of fun n laughter around..
n i feel tat,sumtimes jus becoz of a frens party will made all of us stay closer..n tis shows tats Frens r there for me..
Love yea guys,n destiny made us 2gether,appreciate it ok..?=)

opps..nearly forgotten 2 say bout da sad post tim..
2day meet sarah schoolsmate at megamall AGAIN[da 4th time in tis week]
after tat,receive a call by GAN n noe tat he is v jess n mei yee at there too so we meet them n intent 2 go sunway...
before headin 2 sunway,we go washroom 1st..
n theres da sad post of 2day n spoilt my mood da most,made me so sad bout tis..
"Sarah phone drop into toilet bowl.."
so sad rite..?
by day way,hope Sarah can get bek her phone..*finger cross*

nice 2 meet all new friends today-
pinky,ceci,joanne,angelyn,ew june,carmen,kah yan n victor..
GREAT to noe all of u guys..

tis is a short video jus 2 entertain u guys..enjoy~
attention:look at da dog expression,it were reluctant 2 do this action

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