Monday, June 8, 2009

im feelin okay but not hyper yet

i say to myself that i need 2 weeks 2 dilute da feelings from me to u n i work it out..
n da result now is = i make it tho..
im glad i make it..
this shows that u're not da Mr.Right im looking for,so y im so struggle for..
im a Saint right..?hahaha
or actually im jus hidin da feeling at da bottom of my heart..?
[hmm..good ques but i've no idea]
btw,idk that much,i jus wanna enjoy da time in da college now n get crazy v the gangs..

{for guy who read this post,u may skip this}
FYI,my auntie visitin me since sat so i cant really make my life hyper right now..
i think i jus nit few more days then i will b free of anything..
[SS-ing pulak]

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