Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FHM update

i think is time to update bout FHM out ad..
here we go the stories... ...
[sorry for those poor quality picha]
on thurs,we made our move to FHM early in the morning..
n lots of couple shirt from us..
then here we start the fair..
lots of stuff we can saw there..
n oso tonnes of stuff u can eat there..

we came to the chocolate corner the first..

n then the superb ice-cream..
i love it especially pistachio and passion fruit..

hmm..i think for those who play pet society might seen this popcorn machine before..=)

oopss..this pic is sux..

coffee,espresso or latte anyone?

this we cant eat,jus display..
this oso..[love the color very much]

the chocolate man!

competition hall
love this hell much!

ice craving competition but too crowded,so this the onli pic i took..

nice bunch of piping rose..
the whole wedding cake
totally awesome for this thingy..[top]

n now is the tiny lil dish..

this made of chocolate oso..

santa clause?
christmas tree
violet macaroons

this made of sugar..awesome!

this is cuteee!

i heart that tiny butterfly..

full of honey beeeeee..

this is great too..

special clock

sugarcraft oso..

this is the one i love the most!

praying mantis by wood..?
vegetable craving
this is beautiful!
aluminium foil made..


there r hell lots of products u can saw at FHM..
there is not enough to c on picture..
pls grab the opportunity to visit the coming FHM
[mayb nex 2 year]
n all i wanna say is FHM ROCKS!!!

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