Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BBQ at mei's house

yea..had a BBQ at Mei's house last saturday nite..
all i can say thats the most delicious BBQ i had..
the lamb n beef chop is definately yummy!
n of coz,the fried mee n fried rice is lamb lamb mei too..=)

the big huge bowl of meeeee!
Linda the one who fried us the lamb lamb mei mee.. other stuff for BBQthe lamb n beef!!!!
at the other side,some of them are what we-so-called the poser..

n follow by Wii-ing!!
u c they so effin energetic..!
briefing by Jacky-May's bro..
Hendrick locked in the room by Jovi..
welcome to the zoo~
here come the swim swim swim time~!

splash splash splash!

the mermaid..=)
omg!this fugly!

n now comes the water fighting!

my turn to carry Calley

n the sweet couple..=)
din took photo for BBQ n thx Jovi for all the pool photo..thumbs up to the photographer..=D
after BBQ n shower,here come the camwhores time..=P

hendrick's bro-eugene

the shy wan-Lim
blur blur face
red chubby face..LOL
non-stop Wii-ing

photo in the lift..??B4
great party n looking forward to upcomings event..=X
ciao guys

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