Monday, September 28, 2009

holiday gathering n stuff

heyyya guys...
hows ya holiday??
fun,bored or jus awesome..?
i can say mine was great..
altho there is not much place can go at my baby town but we stil able to find some other entertainment to tain ourself..haha
meet many long-time-no-see friends jus like my previous previous..
then after tat is waithing,suwen,jianhao,teikwoon,siokshan,sioklyn,kokkiet,kiajin n choyping..
surprise to saw them there while im suppose to meet waithing them but they having their gathering too,so we become a big group n making hell lots of noise there..

din get to took photo v suwen n waithing them..paiseh nehh..
then the nex day meet alvix,veeiean n yeeping for dinner..
due to dunno where to go that day,so we jus hang out at the new open sushi king..
tonnes of photos from there n we act like some-say kampung ppl..
take watever stuff we had on the table n passby sushi n capture then put back..
saw fongee at McD..
she changed huge much..sok!

more pics other than here coz hard to upload it up so i jus bring out some of it..
then the other days,we went to kampar n visit allen,sue n weichung..
n tis time,hongka which is my primary mates which i can say never go out v him before..
we tagged him along n his DSLR..
snap snap snap..
snap like a paparazi..
superb photos we got..

the crazy wan
the nex day is cake making for Cheah's buffday midnite-surprise celebration..
blur here but veeiean,hong ka n me noe this funny part..
n i nit to shout out 1 big stuff-Veeiean r good in Maggie Mee Goreng!
Veeiean,i miss it so much,can u goreng 1 for me..?
the browniesssssss
n the small lil brownies is for Cheahhhh
n thx to alvix for putting the brownies into the freezer,u c,cheah can even bang the brownies..
u c her face,result of crapping until 5 in the morning..
but we still able to giv her a huge surprise..=D

hmm,before heading to cheah's house,there's many sohais stuff we made for cheah buffday..
altho we really cant find nice candles for u,but "heart blood" still appear from the brownies we made..hehe..
sorry for crappin again.anyway,altho theres have some sadness on some other part of the holiday,but still hav a great one..
thx everyone!

p/s:Maia Chuah nex post!

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