Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tsunami at haeundae

honestly,this is a very very very Awesome movie..
all i can say,besides those computer effect,overall is totally great!
check it out for those who havent watch!

oops,forgotten to mention bout Carls Jr..
before movie start,sarah n i try Carls Jr since we crave for long time ad..
n this i nit to shout out oso,

u c,so nice the packing..

inside still intimate which we can straight away took up n eat,u dun even hav to scare tat u havent wash ur hand..=X
taste good fries!
the medium cheese bacon burger
confirm eat until u bloated if u get used to eat McD Double Cheese Burger..
eat half of it ad full like hell ad,at tat time i still havent touch my fries yet..
tell u guys,i dun even finish up the fries,coz ad full until i cant close my mouth ad..
n one last thing,their cup for Medium drinks is like McD large set..
bottomless sumore..
for those who really 7 tak then should take this..
worth paying the price!


~ VeeieaN ~ said...

hey hey...whr is ur chatter box?
told ya tsunami n Carl's J are awesome!!!hahas!!

×ocean× said...

dunno y sot sot ad..somtime got chat box n sometime dun hav..