Wednesday, December 23, 2009

the night before x'mas eve

gingerbread man for deco class today.=)

n this is Rock Sugar.
my so-ungly yule log.
my the-most-satisfy gingerbread man.=D
aloha couple.
fancy christmas tree.
the fugly wan.
oppsie.i terbalik the pic ad.=P
my octopus gingerbread man.
cute o not?
big bungkus small bungkus.
then after that tiring class,we suggest to pampered ourself with Fullhouse.
camwhore camwhore camwhore
with sarah behind
with the cute lil lamp
n the chio menu.
n sarah~
i love the toilet like fitting room.
jiing choice-honeydew milkshake
i love the coater.
sarah passion fruit honey
chio spoon.
jiing choice-dunno wat spagetti
mine dora fish
sarah's chicken chop
mine peppermint choc
we enjoy very much!
lil tiny cups

we three again~
for our so called dessert-salmon salad.=P

fake candle.

happy x'mas eve guys~!

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