Friday, December 11, 2009

tastes in the trip

there is sweet,sour,bitter,hot and salty in this trip.
i gained so much in these 3 days 2 nights trip.
but i need to giv some advice to those who hav low-blood pressure or heart problem,coz u will face some suffering problem in this not too long not too short trip.

in the early morning on monday,we meet at hendrick's house.
after stuff done,we hav our breakfast at "The World's Most Spicy".
so much laughter at there c-ing Mao-new fren who wanna challenge the most spicy noodles.

then we start our journey bout 12.
n reach bout 1 something.
check-in need to wait until 3 so 7 sohaiz stay at the air-con(less) lobby n acting some say sohaiz there=X

around 2 something,someone suggest to get something to isi perut.
sadly we pick the wrong stall to eat.
we reach at a toilet-less,hot but some like flies house stall.
[can u jus imagine we having sambal-like ice kacang,dotted-like rendang nasi lemak and yucky drinks and we need to pay for somesay CB TAX]ish-betul.
but anyway,laughter still follow us.=)

bek to hotel n hav some rest n we continue we our dinner preparation.
n here the chef of the day-HENG JOVI.
he is the first chef who use plastic bags for cutting and choppin instead of a chopping board.=X

hmm,then here come the sunset time.=) we no need to go to the beach for sunset,coz our room own a live view straight away from the beach.

then follow by BBQ by the beach side.[pics at Jovi's camera]
n we found Blue star-like sand at the damn BEAUTIFUL!
after all,comes our Kim Beer session.
so crazy yet so fun wan.

Little "Mighty"
Little "Shadow"
Little "Salty"

Little "Bell"
Little "Cat"
Little "Handsome"-kononnya

wat r they doin there on the floor?
counting stars?!

something sweet and bitter happened here.
u noe i noe right guys.=)

day 2:
get an early camwhore after wake up. so pale.
funny hairstyle.
and oso remember to apply some sun block before we headed to the beach.
before we headed to beach,we found a Tortoise Temple.
and oso a mini Great Wall.( a chio-like "couple" feel)
green water for tortoise?
n we walk under the freaking hot sun.
it looks like a real mini CHINA.

oh yea,they catch some Hermit Crab too.=)

after beach n banana boat,we rest n ready for steamboat n stuff.
n that nights is the most climax for all of us.

n lets c the rubbish of ours.
cool n love this photo.
but not this.
before headed bek oso wont forget to get some souvenier.=X (sand n sea water)
altho this trip doesn't complete with colorful dot but i jus heard that they cured their misunderstanding.
ciao guys n do hav fun yea.=)

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