Friday, January 1, 2010


how is your eve been thru?
my one should start from here.

sarah,wenchin n i took lrt from cahaya station to hang tuah n change to monorail.
the lrt is damn slow.
n the monorail is hell crowded n everyone was like sardine in there.
walk by Lecka Lecka n ask for reservation.
but too expensive.><
then took J.Co donut for light lunch.
passby Dragon-i n we all stand there to "watch" sifu wrappin siu long pao.=)
then we go for Chipsmunks.
n the Chipettes,LOL

camwhore in the toilet is a must right?
then saw this cutie voodoo.after that,we go walk walk c c n some window shoppin n me,sarah n jiing oso do buy a stuff for our own too.
then we pass by a open air pub i think n we decided to chill on happy hour before start our dinner since it still early.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! everything blast throughout the year guys!!!
her first time which hang out for Kimbeer.=P
n here comes some beer camwhore-ing start.

the 2 full glass of beer is the onli 2 guy wan.
everyone finish,except that 2 guy.
the dangerous-like fan.
the dunno wat street view.[Pavillion]
the chio LOGO.
a quarrelsome and loving couple
the 2 couple.
jessica to ah du: c wat c?
ah du to jessica:cannot c r?!
shuteng to ah du:cool down my dear~
the expensive SUX mexican restaurant.
she shaaaa
my fruit punch,due to my GOD flu im having,i din taste anything honestly.
sarah's choice-Pussy Foot.a vomit-look like drink.
beef bacon spagetti
seafood tomato spagetti.
the first time i eat such big portion of spagetti n the food in very very hot situation.=P
worth becoz it hav lots of seafood,not worth becoz the crab not fresh.=X
ze couple again.
again in the washroom
4 hrs left before step in the year of 2010.
all the single ladies.

star hill's christmas tree.
since we walk out pavillion,y dun we go in a more quite place like star hill.
christmas tree again.
then we found a place for perfect photo taking.

sweet betul.

here we come lu~

pretending busy-ing?

snap snap snap
Yinn,Agatha,Chin,Lijing n Teng

clubbing hunger.

bully-er but she is so happy.
kena boycott?
steps of falling down.i love tis so much!
then bek to pavillion again for rave-like party.haha

c,damn high man!

n we sweat like nobody business!

sweat sweat sweat!
tonnes of ppl waiting fo count down!
chill at the roadside before headed down.
meet them n snatch them to the lovely picture taking place for group photo again.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n the car park was like zmfg jam!
chill at a cafe before headed bek.
but we need to climb this omg high escalator.
[p/s:not onli 1,we crawl until level 6!]

n last everyone gasp like hell.
thats all for NYE.
Happy New Year and hav a blast througout the year okay!!!!!!!!!

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Christian Kathian said...

looks like fun:)
happy new year.
your blog is nice!
you should visit mine
it's kinda new..