Wednesday, January 27, 2010


just imagine,practice for onli half day for tomoro presentation.
morning practice till night.
honestly i love the feel to dance together v group.
but the thing i hate the most is ...
SOMEBODY dun even give a damn.
this is the most regret stuff i ever make to group together.
u guys canBold take a short imagine---
we discuss n rehersal together but SOME ppl rather go modify their car n dun give a damn shit even we call.
i really disappointed.
is like FUCKING disappointed type when i heard so.
i dun wanna scold or anything but if the situation character change,u guys will sure bosong right?
if u guys really cant catch up tomoro then is ur father business,not us.
we ad inform n we do our best.
thats all n good luck to all presentation group!

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