Saturday, April 24, 2010

poor damn people

i named my work place as a Mental Hospital.
the officer there is totally have Mental problem.
the talk and do stuff with totally just like tin-tin kosong.
know how to complain but didn't even touch the real product.
and the poor external-worker really so pity.
they even work for 24hrs most of the time.
and yday we have a electric off for some repairment.
and those worker thought of finally can get their own a good sleep.
mana tau,after 2hrs,they call them to continue work after the electric stuff done.
walao eh,thought they are machine meh?
mayb bcoz of those officer get complain for those late products and suffer from Mental problem,every higher position staff are mostly own some kind of Mental disease.
im definitely will quit this damn job,but in the other way,i do pity those worker.
they even don't get them a time for dinner.
and they need to curi-curi makan some rejected products.
kesian betul.

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