Wednesday, July 7, 2010

should or shouldn't

get a visit to school today.
and get to talk with fews of them.
and now only i realize my only left frens who stay at hostel are out from hostel.
when i heard this,the first thing come to my mind was------
how i gonna survive for my Sem IV and V?
[as for friends who know me well i think i no need to wrote out what happen.]
and secondly on my mind was------
im gonna die soon if i got no one to accompany or fetch me.
third thing which came to my mind------
do now i need to make more junior frens so that i can stay at their hostel while waiting?
and one of my fren-another class suggest to stay with her.
should or shouldn't i ?
i got few reason for should and also shouldn't.

won't stay late
college life

scare i cant able to stay longer
scare problems occur
scare more money out

macam mana ni?

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