Wednesday, August 11, 2010

real nuts

tonnes of thoughts on my mind.
sorry if the post is in mess.
semester starts.
lots of thing changes.
tired of those thing.
hell tired.
things that can be and cant be seen.
i hate sawing those honestly i should say.
and that feeling is annoying.

i love friends.
the thing that i love after family.
i feel suffering whenever there is a problems.
i know maybe some people say that is a tiny problems.
and friends known as a passbyer for them.
they keep on changing every time.
but for me,they are important passbyer for some of them.
whoever having problems,do effect me.
why life doesn't goes like what fairy tale thought.
Happily Ever After.
keep the happy for life and kick the sad forever.

i enjoy happy-ness but i worry whenever happy-ness exists.
whenever there is an awesome,there will be a thingy that drag you down till the max.
thats mean wherever joyful taking part,after that i'll be worry about what bad stuff will be happen next.
who can just cancel the stuff after the joyful part?
is that a testing stage to grown stronger?
screwed that!

light me a cigg.

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