Friday, August 13, 2010


went SPCA for moral bla bla bla.
first time in my life do such thing for animals.
those dogs and cat are cute yet pity.
for those cant find home will put to sleep after a period of time due to not enough place.
heartache to see those poor dog.=[
most of us was so excited when saw those dogs.
but not everyone dare to change the newspaper from cage which some of them are dog poo in it.
give a claps to sharon and jessica.
they are awesome!
picture not much on my hand.
just this few of them.

this is the one i found in the office.
very excted,cant wait to enter liaw.
the very cute logo.
double door entrance.
very fast,kena dog poo ad.

look sad yet pity.abnormal fat.
cute sial punya puppy.
jo was like:''faster help me took this silly cute pupp picha!!!"
i love this~! the dogs and cute are so good in drawing!
just like what i saw in books!
a new member.
cage cage cage

adoption anyone?
nice name:croissant.
i love this.HUSKIE!!!!
after dogs,go for kittens.
this is so tiny.
thats all.
meow meow says ciao ~

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jessica said...

hahahaha. me and sharon same pose. pulling our pants up xD.