Sunday, August 22, 2010

sudden invitation and decision

grandma's buffday celebration was held at Garden's Redbox.
while almost come till the end,Jiing called and ajak for Maison.
On for me since i didn't been there and got nothing to do after that.
tagged Ida along.
first impression at the M club,-seafood restaurant?
[almost 99% of them are those underage Seafood]
not only that,the sound or whatsocalled speaker system are so lousy.
the song are old and keep repeating few times.
no ohmm at all la.
Banned this.
[the first also the last for me.]
at first was planing to go home around 2 but Ida ajak to sneak in Zouk.
[need to drop her there at first]
Ida was doubted by the bouncer but i didn't. should i happy or not?
[did i look so old?!and i even prepare my ic]
then was get impress from their sound system.
she bring TOUR around the place.
from barsonic to main room,then phuture to velvet.
there so many angmohs ,i wanna melt ad.
and also crowded like no body business.
hmm,like it~

*from celebration to no ohmm place;then there go Z.

Final place is the so called clubs. thats music and what we called doom chitt doom chitt!

should hit up more! whoop whoop*

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