Thursday, September 23, 2010

warm celebration

after video shooting in the afternoon, went to stone's grandmama house for steamboat and mid-autumn a.k.a mooncake festival celebration.
long time didn't get a huge group gathering with tonnes of food already.
thanks chai,lupita,stone and others few of them for setting this plan up.
i appreciate lots with kinds of celebration.
at least i can feel there is a connection among friends and not being lonely.
this is amazing!
lots of candid shot taken by me but not my camera,as i din own any of them.
but is fun to took those funny picture.
with at least we can flash back those moments.

steamboat starts with full of expectation,but when the food are ready to eat,our stomach fullfill with gas,cant really eat much tho. XD
after that, we go for walked around the area with tanglung and kongming light.
they success to let the first kongming light fly up high and far,but the second and third was FAILED.
i didn't success to fly up a kongming light before.
how i wish i really could let my wishes come true from there. ><

while the walked is going on, my bro called.
he wish to join us.
but sad things is he cant able to catch up with us and follow by the pouring rain.
the first time my bro meet my friends in such condition and im quite happy with the incident.
their connection among my friends are good!
this is not in my prediction at all.
some stuff that i thought my bro cant accept but he accept,in the other way,some which i scare my friend don't really get to connect with my bros but also in the opposite result i get.
can u imagine how happy am i?

if u are a close friend to me, u might know i love to be with friends.
other than my family,there is friends!
so this is just toooo awesome!

last but not least,
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to every single human in this world!


j chai tey said...

i see you...

×ocean× said...

see me? blur@@

j chai tey said...

the avatar slogen la... haiz... not chuo you