Saturday, October 9, 2010

Big Day's cake

42 days
1008 hrs


86 students

they really MADE it!!!

the Result is SHOCKING!

they are the BEST!!!

no more craping and let the photo do the talking~

morning class-BST16
salted fish,susu,joyce and ah boy group
jeffery,stella and jiayee's group
feizai,bernard,hweiyenn and bibi's group
iyleeya,siti,hazri and noreen's group
jimmy,ruby,lydia and christina's group
ah chai,lingkah,ah lim and linda's group
lupita,calleigh,khoo and sam's group
jovi,mak and tiki's group
janice,huiqian,andy and CJ's group
kenjoe,gan,calin and ash's group
wern hueih,chen furn and khadijah's group
afternoon class-BST15

jackson,jiing,chiachi and jien ming's group
peter,mervyn,calvin and asa's group
cindy,meiyee,ruyi and bryan's group
likjet,meiyee,siewlee and waisim's group
pohsiang,suchen,ashely and hanslynn's group
erlene,kenneth,shuteng and zijiann's group
john,joanne,samanda and singfoo's group
strawberry,jessica,yuemei and catherine's group
prasana,kelly,lisa and hapizah's group
amanda,sharon,chibi and yijie's group
with a lil small cage
AND lastly>agatha,wenchin,sarah and terranz

fully satisfy with my wedding cake.
of course.
everyone done the great job which shock other out!
keep it up!
gambate for the nex mission-gingerbread HOUSE!


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