Saturday, November 27, 2010


no mood for blog recently.
new semester start.
E comes frequently.
although i got no idea whats going on.
don't have any clue about mood down-ing also.
[cause of too free? no!]
thinking bout the past present and future.
too many things came at the same time.
but somehow,last semester to study.
should stay happy and enjoy as much as possible probably.

yea,moving again.
what will it live goes?
don't wanna think about also.
why im not the kind of person who easy to cry it out loud?
some times i do really wish i can do so.
so i can express it whenever im in stupid mood.
that will be amazing if i can cry and express then a brand new day for me.
just cant.

since when
laughter no longer bright?
since when my is my LOL?
since when my laughter gone?
since when. . .
i wish that i can stay in a anonymous city without any $ and worry needed.
impossible huh

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