Saturday, November 13, 2010

semester break

went to beach side for BBQ with gangs on thurs which a relax+ smooth trip.
BBQ all seafood and stuff from 1pm-5ish pm.
all the games that planned didn't get to play bcoz everyone is busy with taking pictures and fun.
everythings goes so so smooth until hardly could believe.
and we went to see the fireflies with the crazy sampans.
is so near to the water once we sit on the sampans.
really scare my lungs out!
and i cant believe i saw crocodile!!!

moving soon.
packing stuff is tiring!
small place but actually many stuff when u packed it.
gosh~ i dunno i got so many clothes. ><
[i usually repeat what i wear everyweek.]
i shall stop crapping here~
many stuff waiting me to pack.

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