Thursday, January 6, 2011


since you get into this line,we are close enough.
sometimes we having problems,you're there.
sometimes you having problems,we're there.
[sometimes you don't willing to speak it out we don't force]
but. . .
i feel something recently.
something that i wish im not that sensitive.
im not sure whether just me or she or everyone.
but just different from last time.
feel like you don't really wanna get to us already.
feel like you don't really care about being with us already.
feel like you don't really tolerate already.
feel like you just not into us already.
i know there for sure will be some argument or whatever conflict it happens sometimes but that is just so got me tired every time.
should i really need to care with every of this?
i appreciate every single friendship whenever it is worthwhile for it.
but i just go exhausted.
i don't like seeing you guys get pale on your worries.
[maybe i cant help but you can just make yourselves comfortable-speak it out]
we willing to listen and this is what friendship for.

i'm speechless to think about it only sigh*
whatever and who cares
[although i really cares sometimes]

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