Wednesday, February 9, 2011

not the well feeling as i thought

well,perhaps this year Cny should be a great one for me.
almost everyone from overseas came back for this celebration.
but. . .
this celebration aren't my favorite at all.
maybe these due to the separated family "issue".
this celebration should be awesome if everyone can celebrate together without any argument or whatsoever unhappy stuff.
but this won't happen for my whole life.

yes, is great that everyone is back.
but is so hard to recover after a short happy days.
this happen since early secondary days.

trying hard not to exposed this "stupid" feelings because they hardly came back and i know they want great holiday like i do.
i do enjoy some days.

but happy great days are always Godly short. why it is so cruel to give me few days of Heaven feeling and go to the Hell after that short while? im not happy at all.

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