Thursday, March 17, 2011


having my very last final college exam on tues and wed.
in the after noon of tues,wc suggest to go for dinner after wed's exam.
so we invite everyone in the class except malay,indian and some ahem.[due to the place we go and communication error]
decided to create an event on fb for double confirm and invitation.
afterall, informed that the place we plan to go are closed on that day.
so we changed the location.
after some brain cell dead,location confirmed.
10+ cars go along.
around 50 Freak make noise in the restaurant.
bit of mood off with some small reason.
anyway,this is such a good gathering with 50 guys for dinner!
i bet there is not much ppl own this opportunity~
crazy photo taking from the beginning.
love it max and really look forward to it although i think that is a damn hard for it to come true~
an unforgettable moments save in my heart.

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